Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Armored vehicle mounted mortars. Not the success in Ukraine/Russia war I thought they would be....

I don't know if its tactics but the 2S9 has not had the success I thought it would during this war. A heavy mortar mounted on a common armored vehicle chassis seemed like a sure winner to me. It seems I was wrong. I fully expected them to be more mobile than cannon artillery, having high mobility would be able to launch several mortars and then zoom away at speed. Arrive at a new location and rinse/repeat. This war does make you wonder. Dispersal matters a damn. Smaller infantry battalions just mean they can't hang in a fight. Fire support is at a premium while it survives. In the Gulf a famous Marine General told his aviators to kill their artillery. Don't worry about the tanks...we can take care of the tanks (paraphrased). Is the new call, don't worry about the tanks, artillery or infantry. We can handle that. Just kill the drones?

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