Thursday, September 14, 2023

Chad Johnson is a "unique" individual but while you can dismiss his nutrition thinking I think he might be onto something about taxing the body...

Chad has a point on taxing the body. If you do look at the NFL today they're getting a helluva lot more soft tissue injuries than back in the day. But taking the discussion to the general public. I have to wonder if its because the body isn't taxed enough on a daily basis. Yeah. I just fractured my ankle but I try (I can definitely do better) to get after it. But what about the guys that don't. You've seen the dudes in uniform. From the military to law enforcement, firefighters etc...You see tons of people that are supposed to go from 0 to 1000 looking like pure shit. So what about the average guy or gal? Add the obesity crisis on top of all this (lack of effort/health awareness) and we have a nation that is devolving and that's before you get to crime, national defense, the debt, foreign policy and societal morality.

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