Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The IDF finally got smart and followed a reader's recommendation. They're filling the tunnels with sea water!

About time they did this. Sadly though it confirms what I thought all along. The hostages are either dead or will be soon. Netanyahu will give lip service to getting them back but everyone knows but refuses to say the obvious. For the hostages death will probably be a mercy. Regardless its just been a talking point to placate the masses. Any hostage rescue would have resulted in 100% casualties with probably at LEAST 50% dead of the attacking force. Like I said. The hostages, if they were alive would have been insta killed once they knew the attack was coming.

But lets' be honest.

All this shit is a sideshow.  

The real action will come a bit after this public fight is over.

It will go to the shadows and the IDF's Special Ops/Mossad will cross borders to kill Hamas leaders.  They'll run to Iran which will set the stage for the big dust up in the Middle East.  Harboring terrorist and nukes?

That shit is tailor made to basically PUSH the public into supporting "getting them before they get us".

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