Friday, November 17, 2023

The letter is disgusting but the idea of deleting it and banning people that posted it is truly scary


Things are past bad in the US. We actually have open censoring of opinion. I think the letter to America is disgusting. I think Bin Laden was a homicidal maniac and I think the SEALs that iced his ass are to be applauded (Admiral McRaven with his bullshit afterwards was a disgrace though).

But the idea that a few Congress Critters have the power to make a major tech corporation, foreign owned or not, take down a post made by a US citizen is crazy.

This shit is Orwellian.

I don't even like the post but I can clearly see the ramifications of what this means.

The disinformation campaigns by the US govt and media are all programing for shit like this.

I'm a fucking adult.  I decide what information is "real" to me and what I deem bullshit.  Children get censored, not adults, not in a free country.

All of which leads to the real question.  Are we really free anymore or is it just an illusion?

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