Thursday, November 23, 2023

Where do ya'll think we are with the two wars?

 Hope ya had a good thanksgiving.  Back to talking about our fucked up world.  Where do ya'll think we are with the two wars?


On this one I think we're gonna have a bad winter, restocking mostly on the Russian side (the allies appear tapped out) and some serious soul searching on the Ukrainian side.

Zelensky has gone thru the male generation and they're using women on the frontlines now.  There will probably be some savagery going on but it'll never hit our airwaves because it would conflict with the narrative going on in the West.

Ukraine is supposedly having elections in 2024 so we'll probably see a last gasp effort to bolster Zelensky's chances and to try and eek out a bit more funding but it's all but over for that ... at least from the US.

I'm guessing we'll see peace talks by summer of 2024 at the latest. Biden wants this war off the table as soon as possible.  One last thing.  The Republicans and Democrats supposedly disagree on everything yet on this issue the Republican Party is going against the will of its voters and pushing for more spending.


This one can go any number of ways and I really don't have any idea.  I'm hoping that the hostage exchange will morph into a general ceasefire with the fight going behind the scenes but I doubt it.  The IDF have their fangs dug into the floorboards and they're gonna get who they're chasing.

Hamas had ramped up its propaganda and has the usual idiots doing its bidding in the west.  They fucked up though.  The terror attacks in Dublin will shock the peaceniks (cause they ain't shit in a fight and need the people they consider goons and barbarians to do it for them) and will harden the general publics views on not only immigration but also Islam especially in Europe.

Have you seen the rioting?  Europe is a powder keg and one more assault will see the Europeans getting down right brutal. Alot of innocent Muslims will get caught up in it.  I don't think the govt security forces will be able to contain that anger.

Back on task.  If we're lucky this will wind down soon.  If not we could see a regional war.  I just don't know.

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