Monday, February 12, 2024

ACV pics. No explanation of how this fits in with FD2030 (no rebranding here)

No explanation or information on how the ACV fits into Force Design 2030 (they're trying to rebrand it to simply Force Design but I ain't buying had a self imposed deadline and many assumptions you made have already failed the test of battlefield evolution). Hell we don't have info on how the "new" MEU will look. I call it new because the Ground Combat Element has been eviscerated without hope of reconstitution so these "wonder boys" that sucked the former commandant's dick have fucked the Corps for at least 10 years. The only hope is that they won't be called on to fight anywhere, much less the Pacific. If the heavier 82nd Airborne can't do rapid deployment then the nation might be fucked...especially if our ACTUAL interests are at stake. Meanwhile enjoy pics of the wheeled ACV that is less capable than the AAV (a modernized new build AAV was what we needed) but in keeping with the thinking of transformationalist its new, its different and its the "trend". Who cares if its less effective.


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