Thursday, February 01, 2024

BAE delivers first test vehicle of the ACV 30mm....still don't know how this fits with FD2030


Ya know what proponents of FD2030 won't tell you? That maneuver is dead with least ground maneuver. Even if the ACV-30 is for use in the "littoral" environment it still doesn't match up with the concept as presented. The new Marine Corps is all about recon/counter recon. Eyes and ears of the joint force and all that bullshit. So why are they even buying the ACV much less the ACV-30? As things stand the USMC is no longer capable of sustained land combat. It has destroyed the Ground Combat Element and turned the Marine Corps into Naval Infantry with a few missiles. Make the ACV buy (in any form) make sense with the FD2030 concept!

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