Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The ilegal crime spree is here and America ain't ready


Told you this was coming.

Told you America wasn't ready.

Decisions have consequences and all this feel good, pussified, we are the world bullshit that has been pushed by those in power is leading to one thing.

Americans thought shit was bad?  They're about to be ravaged.  Not so much rural areas but most certainly the big cities.

You're about to see most American big cities turn into open air cesspools.

It will take a decade or more to round up and control some of the gangs and terrorist that have crossed.

My biggest fear?

The Army is about to cut its Special Operations personnel.  We're gonna need them.  Not for operations outside the country but INSIDE!  Many of these gangs are simply too well armed to be confronted with police tactics.  Some of the best SWAT units in the US will be overwhelmed.  

We're not gonna need force multipliers aiding local agencies against some of these creatures.  We're gonna need Ranger type capabilities.

What did you say?  You want me to get to the point?

We just allowed a counter insurgency type element to walk across the border and its gonna take a military response to bring order.

Chaos in the cities is coming.  No go zones are here and the middle class and poor are about to be ravaged.

Tough on crime is coming back in style but many will be killed, raped and terrorized before Washington DC even notices.

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