Saturday, February 10, 2024

The wing should be getting tired of this....RIP to the fallen

God bless these guys. If I recall correctly they were flying to California in the middle of a savage rain event with high winds etc... So many questions. Don't they have weather guys to let them know about storms and such? If so why would they still launch? Three officers and two enlisted dead. An airplane gone. Those are precious assets that should not be wasted just to complete a training evolution on time. Even worse? Our guys are in Norway for another exercise. The same area where we lost a MV-22 last year. If weather is an additional enemy then we just have to take the L. You can call something all weather all you want but mother nature wins that fight. No need to even engage it outside of real deal war. If you say its a must to train for the battlefield then I say ok but within limits. Risk for training is an unnecessary risk.

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