Saturday, February 10, 2024

Well decks for boats, not amphibious assault vehicles....


I guess my biggest gripe is that the Marine Corps biggest claim to fame has been amphibious assaults. Seizing land from enemy forces. With that made up mantra of "returning to our amphibious roots" we've seen the Corps turn from Soldiers Of The Sea, and America's Shock Troops to a freaking missile shooting defense force. I don't recognize this new Marine Corps. I don't understand how a few Marines dispersed on a few pieces of land can influence a sea battle that involves large surface combatants engaging in a fight far out to sea. I don't get this recon-counter recon bullshit in an age of long range UAVs, and satellites. They can't make it sense and they've embarked on an evolutionary dead end. If the Marine Corps wants to get back to its roots then it needs to be a bargain for taxpayers. The Pentagon disease has infected it and serious cuts in all the fluff needs to be made poste haste.

Boats in well decks instead of amphibious assault vehicles.  


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