Saturday, February 10, 2024

Why do the war drums continue to beat for a war with Russia?


What exactly is going on here?

In the UK and Poland and the Nato Sec we're hearing talk about preparing for war with Russia.


33 nations aligned against 1 and those 33 nations are frightened?  Makes no sense!  Is this another example of the elite trying to scare the public?

The year of fear continues.  

Hell even in the US we have talk of WW3 popping up.  We will get it only if the elite want it and drag us into it.

The only thing that even rhymes with all this nonsense is if the world economy is so bad that they want a major war that drags all the advanced economies into it to create govt demand because the general public is tapped out.

I know.  Its false economic dogma because wars are so costly but its the only thing I can come up with.  If things are bad enough (and we don't know it) that a temporary shot in the arm is needed then we're screwed anyway.

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