Friday, March 01, 2024

Lithuanian MOD has completed the acquisition of Boxer-Vilkas infantry fighting vehicles


It's weird to me. The Boxer is hailed by many Europeans as the end all be all wheeled armored vehicle. I just don't see it. The Patria AMV seems much more capable, more versatile and at least if not more mobile in all conditions.

My opinion?  If wheeled in the European theater then go with the Patria or the VBCI.  If tracked then the CV90 is the way.

We once compared all these wheeled APC/IFVs to buses.  Now we need to compare them to big rigs.

I just don't get them.  In the field I just don't buy the mobility part of the thing and in the city the lack of skid steer makes them clumsy.

The desert is where they shine and even there they can run into trouble.

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