Saturday, April 13, 2024

Not much going on. Just sitting here waiting for the next round to kick off in the Middle East

 Like the title says.  Just waiting for the next round to kick off.

1.  I expect another missile barrage.  Terrible for the people getting hit but strategically kinda measured and just enough to save some Middle East street cred.  Both sides will do some low level barking and then it will be back to the Gaza/Hamas issue.

2.  The hit in Australia is very interesting.  Somehow the whole world including xenophobic Japan got caught in the refugee mess. Things are gonna get sporting with regard to immigrants world wide pretty soon.

3.  I still believe that the whole hype around the eclipse was to try and draw out a radical element to take a swing at a crowd somewhere.  Plenty of summer coming so its gonna happen.  It's probably gonna be bad too.  Too many easy targets.  Schools, hospitals, churches, beaches, malls....this country is just a target rich environment of undefended sheep wandering around focused on their phones instead of their surroundings.

4.  Just for shits and giggles name the one govt institution that is still trusted.  I might be jaded (naw...I AM JADED) but running down the list and its bleak.  The military?  Nope.  Science/Medical? Nope.  FBI/CIA/ATF/DHS?  Nope.  None of our "security forces" inspire confidence.  The rest of the bureaucracy?  Not a chance.  I can't name one govt institution worthy of trust let alone admiration.

That's all I got.  The whining is over.  Gonna workout, do another detail at an event tonight and that's it for the day.

Ya'll have a good one.

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