Sunday, April 14, 2024

Well that was alot of ado about nothing...the missile/cruise strikes were alot lighter than I expected. This is over except a little posturing for the next few days.

 Well that was alot of ado about nothing.

I kinda expected the Iranians to send at least twice as many missiles and drones.  Make no mistake they easily could have.  But the point was to send a message maintain street cred in the Middle East.

This thing is over.

You might see a little posturing but unless Bibi loses his damn mind and retaliates against this baby strike then, yeah, its over.

Don't know why the US is sending the Boxer to the Med.

I guess the President needs to show a strength.

Ya know what irks me the most?  They're doing made for TV dramas that affect real people's lives, that could cost real people their lives etc...

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