Tuesday, April 02, 2024

The US does not support strikes into Russia. Ukraine is gonna do it anyway (apparently) so how do we keep a madman/desperate man on a leash?

They keep demanding the weapon of the moment. They're about to get F-16s. What do you think will happen then? Of course Zelensky with his drug fueled rage will want to launch strikes deep into Russia. Of course that will widen the war. It might even open up the use of battlefield tactical nukes.

I hope those psyop bastards at langley are doing profiles of Zelensky.

I don't think anything is off the table with him.  If he gets F-16's then all he'll need is a true believer pilot (I guess you could also call him "dedicated to the cause") to do a strike on a nuclear facility (if he got those Taurus missiles don't you think he would?) and then all bets are off.

Let's get real folks.

Zelensky's time in the sun has passed.  He needs to be gently pushed to the side and someone more "obedient" put in charge.

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