Friday, May 31, 2024

We are ONE galvanizing issue away from this nation going pop...

 Been drinking in the Trump conviction.  From my chair it seems like a kangaroo court but who knows.  From my chair it seems like a DA that's been letting violent criminals out of jail on the regular but decides to do this is highly questionable.

The timing of this thing is jacked to hell.  This could have waited till the dude got out of office.  Quick question.  Did you know that EVERY president we've ever had in the modern era has engaged in criminal behavior?  At its most base form, warfare is illegal (we put "rules" on it but how do you lawyer yourself out of ordering people to kill?) but take that further.  We've done targeted killing and missed hitting families instead but no one has ever even been grand juried!

But to my main point.

Think back to the civil war.

Slavery was the cause, some say it was state's rights (slavery just a bit friendlier without the ramifications) and others say it was about economics (the bottom line on slavery...its about the money ya fuck!), but it took just one galvanizing issue.

One issue.  People had enough.  Society blew up and the nation started killing itself.

Look at the divide between the states today.  How far are we from one major league issue to having things go pop?

What should worry you is that we have more than one issue that has people inflamed.  No need in listing them but I mean seriously!  In another age people would have already been grabbing their mags and heading to hurt someone!

Someone that considers themselves a puppet master better figure out how to turn down the heat.

As things stand now the Chinese are the least of our problems.

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