Friday, June 07, 2024

Does the US Army's Armor School teach close combat for armored vehicles? Turret traverse, vehicle traverse, reverse speed, acceleration...all that counts in this Bradley vs BTR-82 fight


Thanks to Moebius 2249 for the link!

Ya know we push that shit hard when it comes to the infantry fight.

You might want to get the fucker at distance but it will get close unless you put him on his ass.

The weird thing is that even in police work, distance is preached. The close fight is something to be avoided.

From the outside looking in it appears that counts in spades when it comes to the armored vehicle fight.

But when it gets close just like in the individual ground fight, shit gets real and shit gets dicey.

Everyone wants to see pics of the vehicles after the fight.  I MOST DEFINITELY get that.  But what I would luv to read is the after action from the survivors.  I bet any food they had in their systems ended up on their seats. 

Can't even imagine getting banged hard by 30mm cannon fire from close distance not only along the frontal arc but on the sides too.

This had to be a life changing fight.

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