Thursday, June 06, 2024

Why no D-Day posts celebrating their heroics & valor?

 Let me get this out of the way.  I've been thinking about this all week leading up to this date.

Why no D-Day posts celebrating the heroics and valor of those that came before?

Because we're no longer worthy.

I look around at a failing empire.  A people that are decadent and lazy.  Morally corrupt and confused.

We are tired.  We have become greedy.  We no longer have any idea of what true justice and freedom means, much less have the ability to defend it from any threat.

In short.

America 2024 has dropped the torch that was passed to us.

Have you watched the telecasts/news broadcasts of this day in history?

From my chair it all felt fake.  Forced.  Insincere.

I'm a rookie student of military history.  I marvel at what was done on an almost daily basis and dream of America being able to reclaim the greatness shown on that day.

Then I wake up and see shit as it really.

We're fucked.  You know it and I know it and we damn sure aren't worthy of the sacrifice and valor shown on this day.

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