Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Someone should tell the British Army to take a look at the Polish Army...they're third place at best...


The British Army as the most modern and lethal in Europe? Have they looked at what the Poles are doing? Have they seen the French Army? Even the Italians and Netherlands are gonna give them a serious run at that title. They MIGHT be the third best but that's a huge MIGHT!

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Monday, September 11, 2023

There was an attempt...to be a Christian tourist in Jerusalem

I haven't posted about this but I've been reading more and more about Christians being harassed not by Muslims but by Jews in Jerusalem. That is an idiotic move. Despite everything I've seen, my support for Israel was based on my Christian faith. Not being racist or whatever you call it, but if the Jewish state no longer welcomes Christians then why should Christians support the Jewish state.

I stand ready to hear the hate but I don't think what I'm saying is unreasonable.


to be a Christian tourist in Jerusalem
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Retired British Colonel gives the bad news on Ukraine. The counteroffensive is at a dead end and the West must prepare for humiliation...

I don't cheer for failure.

I shout for this war to end.

I have bitched about the way we've gone about prosecuting this thing.  The sanctions have been stupid beyond belief and while we've wasted precious time pushing for fighting instead of peace, the Chinese are gathering forces against us.

BRICs will be the challenge for the next administration.  The ground has been fertilized for fighting to break out in whole portions of the world.

Worse from a US perspective?

Our influence is waning.  Biden has said that the US is back?  Maybe in Europe because we're being used like nickel whores but in the rest of the world?  A large portion of it hates us and they damn sure don't fear us.

What messed us up?

We tried once again to wage war in a half assed fashion.  We partnered with one of the most corrupt nations in the world.  We became slaves to the greedy in that country and not the people that were actual patriots fighting and dying.

Time to cut losses.  Time to take the lick and deal with the aftermath.  Time to strengthen the homeland.  It time we got our shit together.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

New Mexico's Gov committed an unforced error and just further inflamed the culture wars....

I say it with the war in Ukraine and I'm saying it here. Just knock it off. Why are we seeing so many politicians that seem determined to stir the passions of the people instead of just quietly and competently doing their jobs? This will not end well for her. I'm guessing that she did it to gain national attention for a run at higher office. Perhaps it will get her mega donors to her campaign but it will not get her elected. She fucked up.

This British FoxHound photobash is freaking awesome!


This 1883 photograph shows the aftermath of the eruption of Krakatoa. The explosive force of a 200-megatonne bomb killed 36,000 people and cooled the entire Earth by an average of 0.6°C. The ensuing tsunami waves reached as high as 150 ft, rocking ships as far away as South Africa. via Reddit

Man can't do anything that mother nature can't do better. A couple of volcanic eruptions and we'll be in an ice age wondering how to heat up the planet (if the green folks maintain form). A super volcano like the beast in a certain national park here in the US and we'd be looking at a catastrophe that will change the course of human history.  The craziness is beginning to break though.  A group of scientist have stated that climate change is just modern hysteria.  For some reason this generation searches for shit to be scared of instead of just looking down the street and seeing the monsters walking amongst them.
Around noon on 27 August 1883, a rain of hot ash fell around Ketimbang (now Katibung in Lampung Province) in Sumatra. Approximately 1,000 people were killed in Sumatra; there were no survivors from the 3,000 people on the island of Sebesi. There are numerous reports of groups of human skeletons floating across the Indian Ocean on rafts of volcanic pumice and washing up on the east coast of Africa up to a year after the eruption
(Note.  This is NOT the largest eruption recorded in history)

Poland is buying 486 HIMARS...their military purchases indicates that war is imminent


Poland has been on an OUTRAGEOUS buying spree. Nothing about it makes sense except to believe that they're thinking war is imminent. That's dangerous for the US and the alliance. I wonder if any of the founders of NATO ever considered that a nation might START a war to activate article 5? I know that what I'm saying sounds crazy but you explain this. Even the US would have difficulty funding the amount of gear that Poland is looking to acquire in the short term.

The Ukrainian Army has entered Opytne and is now only 3 km away from the Donetsk International Airport

I don't know the geography but I never knew that an airport was remotely close to the front lines. Does this indicate tremendous advance or are they still within the defensive belt?

The Russians perfectly understand American conservatives...vid via Dead District Twitter Page

I thought for sure I was watching a Republican get out the vote ad.


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Is China using their Mobile Landing Platform for Special Ops Boats?

Its a short vid but were those Chinese Special Ops Boats on deck? Pretty innovative use of the ships if they go this way. Very interesting. The USMC is giving up well deck space for everything except Forcible Entry use and the Chinese decide to go a different way, keep their Marine Corps intact and use these ships to support their special ops. I like it. It makes sense!

New mods to the T-80 MBT look interesting...


Milley: Ukraine has about 30 to 45 days of fighting weather left...

That ain't much time. The Russians just have to hold on till then and the battlefield is frozen. Resupply from the BRICs nations is almost guaranteed (especially China via N. Korea). Of course the allies will do the same but we are not a manufacturing group (we don't do it well anymore). Our war stocks are about depleted and even the US has started to dip into the realm of "danger to the Republic" by continuing to prop up Ukraine (talking military not even gonna touch on the tremendous amount of money we're spending to prop up the failed state known as Ukraine).

We've seen Ukraine basically shanghai-ing mentally disabled folks to fill their ranks.  

We've seen the sanctions fail despite the best efforts of the West.

Now they've got 30 to 45 days to make sizable changes on the battlefield?

It ain't working.

We need a new plan.

How about some peace talks so we don't have to see more people dying horribly in all the snuff videos that are being put out.

Saturday, September 09, 2023

Pro gunners and Anti gun folks both agree that the New Mexico Gov's public health emergency is bogus...

This is a part of politics that has infected both sides of the spectrum. The rush to "outdo" other politicians. We've seen it in spades with gun laws, covid restrictions, abortion (both pro and against) and numerous other issues. This one should be easy to solve though. If you have an out of control politician then boot their ass to the curb the first opportunity you get. Looking at the Senate Minority Leader, the House Minority Leader and all the other geriatrics that can't let loose of power with that statement too.

90 year old bodybuilder ON STAGE!


A 90 Year Old Bodybuilder
byu/RevolutionaryTell668 innextfuckinglevel
I gotta give this dude props. He's doing the damn thing! The sad thing? He's in better shape than many people half his age. Well done.

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Question of the day. Is there anyway for the FBI to regain its credibility with the public?

I don't know if the FBI has been steered into a ditch by its political masters in the DOJ or in their own house. I don't know if the rank and file members are true believers and actually see themselves as doing God's work. What I do know is that a large portion of American citizens are beginning to see them as being the equivalent of the Gestapo. That's dangerous for our nation and hyper dangerous for them.

The question of the day is simple but important.

Is there anyway for the FBI to regain its credibility?

Friday, September 08, 2023

More evidence of Neo-Nazi support for Ukraine...


Note. Yeah. Former Marine. All types are in the Corps. Its the reality. Deal with it. I did. So did many of you.

What gives? Just a month ago we couldn't send ATACMS because we needed them in case of war with China...now we're sending them????

The desperation is obvious. They're endangering the security of the USA to prop up the Ukrainians for a political victory. This counteroffensive has failed but they so need to make points with the public that they will bankrupt us and destroy our security.