Monday, September 18, 2023

A very, very high risk of (China) attacking and seizing Taiwan

Amazing. A US Army General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff states that amphibious assaults are the most complex of military operations, goes on to say that the Chinese do not have that capability and ignores the fact that the USMC has abandonded even trying to MAINTAIN that capability while turning into a completely defensive force. We've crossed the Rubicon. The Chinese are working hard, striving to do the hard thing while the US military and most damningly the USMC says its too hard and fuck even trying.

Poland threatens to go full throttle no stop on Ukraine over the grain deal...

I think the gauntlet has been thrown. The Poles are threatening the very economic future of Ukraine with this statement. I still have to wonder how the EU will be able to grant Ukraine membership considering the basket case of a nation it is and will continue to be for the foreseeable future but that's another issue. Membership in the EU is probably the best they can hope for in the short term too. Russia will not allow membership of Ukraine in NATO and I think we can all agree that they have enough nations on their side (or sitting on the sidelines) to make a fight between Russia and 32 nations still a costly victory despite the lopsided nature of the thing.

Ukraine once again is biting the hands that feeds it...

The Ukrainians have lost their damn minds. They're gonna sue these nations over grain when they're being so lavishly supplied with gear and money? I cannot for the life of me wrap my brain around their thinking.

The purge in Ukraine continues...


Worry More About Rusting Out Than Burning Out

 TLDR?  Keeping grinding.  If you go too hard you can rest/recover.  You go too soft then you speed up your decay. Subscribe to these guys.  They're awesome.

via Art Of Manliness

There’s been a lot of talk these days about burnout. Pushing too hard, for too long, can do a number on your mental and physical health.

Comparatively little discussed is a malady that can be just as pernicious: rust out.

Rust out occurs from the under use of your capabilities.

Few individuals ever approach the limits of their capacities or come close to exhausting their inner resources. Indeed, in most people, they remain largely untapped.

The mass of men are walking around with at least one, if not several, unfulfilled dreams. The average human is a bundle of intentions never acted upon.

Even in individuals who put an effort towards work hot enough to singe, the rest of their dimensions lie cold and dormant.

They haven’t made music or written poetry in decades. Their ability to think deeply has wasted away. Their faculties for feeling the heights of romance or enacting a great friendship exist in a moth-eaten state. Their faith is sustained by the echoes of spiritual experiences they had when they were seventeen. 

So many live the life of a crevice dweller, he who emerges from a dark abyss at birth, and falls back into it at death, unmourned, unmissed, having failed to make so much as a ripple in the world.

It would be best to avoid either extreme — to neither burn out nor rust out. But better to worry more about doing too little than doing too much. Better to feel, as Jack London did, that “I’d rather be ashes than dust.”

The ill effects of burnout can typically be reversed. 

But the regret of reaching the end of your life having never tasted a season of glory or had at least a few moments where you streaked across the sky as the brightest of lights?

That can never be undone.

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South Korea has decided to aid two advanced combat engineer vehicles to Ukraine.

Open Comment Post. 18 Sep 23

Real super villains wear suits...


Zelensky: Ukraine is going to powerfully break through Russian defenses. I know where we are going to do this.

Bold claims that will be backed up on the broken bodies and dead of his nation's fighters.

I have to wonder if anyone in Kyiv or Washington or NATO is even giving a second thought to the people on the line.

This war with the exception of the rise of drones and persistent surveillance is giving no lessons on HOW to the damn thing.  Instead its giving an advanced course on WHAT NOT to do.

I don't know how this war will turn out but on so many levels we've lost on a strategic level.

1.  Sanctions are becoming irrelevant.  That dawg don't hunt no mo!

2.  We're seeing the Middle East and Africa descend into chaos.  Old alliances are being broken and new ones formed that are biased toward Russia/China and not the US/West.

3.  By our stance on this war we have become more fragile on the energy front (along with domestic politics).  Our emergency stockpile of oil is depleted and the OPEC nations no longer respond to requests to increase production.  Meanwhile Russia and Iran are able to produce at an increased rate and find willing buyers globally.

Our efforts to maintain "global order and stability" have failed.  Policy makers know it.  Many on this blog know it but the public at large doesn't.

2025 to 2030 is going to be some VERY ROCKY years for all our nations.

PLA 6x6 All-terrain Assault Vehicle (interesting idea its carry)

Another crazy F-35 story...

Saturday, September 16, 2023

"Grass Skirt" on a British Sub...

Damn! They rode her hard. Real hard.

North Korea could supply 10 million artillery shells to Russia

This is happening and the Chinese are approving of it. I don't know what the trade will be. Either wheat/food, aircraft, missile tech etc....but it will happen and it will prolong this war. We're rushing toward one of two choices. Either the war escalates and NATO becomes involved or there is a negotiated settlement. Either way the Ukrainians don't have much time. The US Presidential cycle is rapidly approaching. Too many problems at home that will demand whoever wins attention (well maybe not Biden...bureacrats are running the country so special interest groups will continue to carry the day especially how out of sorts he is).

Open Comment Post. 16 Sep 23

Polish PM Morawiecki says we will “extend ban on Ukrainian grain imports

Interesting. Europeans when it comes to US aid to Ukraine always yell more, more, more. When it comes to them taking a hit its a different story.

Friday, September 15, 2023

British Ajax in action.

@Northern Coasts 23 , a platoon of the German sea battalion is integrated into the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit

So depressing to see the USMC devolve its MEUs to such a point that even the German amphibious forces can credibly integrate with them. Once they were seen as token forces that while nice to have contributed very little but now they're bringing as much or maybe even more to the table than the USMC. Down right heartbreaking. Why even practice this shit anymore. Just go back to the pre-WW2 Marine Corps and fully embrace being the Navy's bitch.

BMT out with a new series of amphibious assault ships...

Very smart by BMT. What has me spinning is that the USN/USMC are both complaining about the cost of amphibious ships. Additionally they sing to the rooftops that a dispersed fleet is necessary for the survival of ships in the modern age. With that being the case then why aren't we flexing to smaller amphibious ships...all with well decks and ample hanger space? Berthing for Marines will be reduced but you could still have state of the art medical facilities etc...The logistics of getting everything ashore would be more difficult, and resupply would take much more coordination, but it sounds much more doable with several smaller amphibs than with a few bigger ones. I'm talking about amphibs in the 10K tonnage range maybe up to 15K if they have a full flight deck like the Mistral but if we leverage S. Korean and European ship building yards its definitely doable.

3 charged with plotting to kill and worse to Gov Whitmer cleared...

My politics are NOWHERE near any of the guys charged in this thing but justice is justice. This whole "plot" smelled to high heaven. I'm probably wrong but I sense entrapment.

Bridge Collapse In Azerbaijan

Is it just me or does shit seem to be going sideways worldwide? Maybe its always been this way and I just wasn't paying attention.