Saturday, March 02, 2024

Open Comment Post. 2 Mar 24

This is about the most chaotic battle scene I've seen out of the Ukraine/Russia conflict...

Anyone shed any light on what's going on here?????

New Super Hornet on its way to NAS Oceana for delivery via Dave O'Brien's Twitter Page


They so pretty brand new. One week with the fleet and it'll look like dogshit.

Sean Combs aka P Diddy hirers Ghislane Maxwell's lawyers

P Diddy is in trouble.  Between this and the pedo ring that is catching people ranging from CEOs to high ranking military officers and something is changing.

Friday, March 01, 2024

Chicago's 9th Ward Alderman sounds like a far right conservative....

Never heard a politician of any political strip name and shame a specific group like this. The terrible truth though? Wait till some of the other creatures come out to play. It will be a horrific time for Americans. It's bad now. We ain't seen nothing yet.

Have any of you heard about the explosive law suit against Sean "P Diddy" Combs (Rap Mogul)...they're calling him the Epstein of the rap music industry

Let me start off with this. I consider rap music to be the most destructive force (even ahead of a what I believe is a corrupt black baptist church and slightly ahead of federal sponsored welfare programs) ATTACKING the black community. I know some of you will say that music is music and its the behavior not the entertainment. If you've seen how teenage men get riled up by some of the lyrics from some gangster rappers then you'll understand. Take it a step further and talk to them and you'll hear that a rapper like NBA Young Boy has them ready to kill and you'll understand my position. Anyway the house of cards that is the Sean Combs empire are set to fall. If you have time check out the vids below...

Apparently the english speakers in civilian clothes are British Air Force personnel doing work with the Storm Shadow & SCALP missiles

The conversation between high ranking German officers that some said was faked is now being investigated by the German Ministry Of Defense

US Navy Amphibious Ship well decks. Once filled with vehicles now just empty and used for boat ops...

What a wasted asset....If this is the future of the Marine Corps then we can make them much much smaller.

Dangerous Christian men

During the reconnaissance mission in the Robotyne area, 2 Ukrainian fighters from the 118th Mechanized Brigade came across an enemy patrol.

I truly don't understand this. With all the drones flying around hitting individual soldiers why would you send 2 fighters out across open ground on a recon mission? WHY! This thing is confusing and I don't care which side you support can someone please explain this to me? Why send a man where you can send a bullet or in the modern age a drone? A two man unit for this? Do they not have something as simple as binoculars? I understand the limitations of their optics. Most I see are setup for close combat and have little to no magnification but binoculars? THEY SHOULD HAVE THAT! A two man team stumbling into a larger enemy patrol seems like madness to me.

35mm Skynex wins an additional contract.

I guess its better than nothing but gun anti-air just ain't gonna cut. Missile anti-air is too expensive with too few kills per launcher. The only answer is either EW or some type of beam weapon. Until those get online then the ground forces are just gonna be behind the eight ball when it comes to fighting aerial threats.

Lord Bebo (yeah that one) has posted a conversation supposedly between high ranking German officers planning an attack on the Crimea bridge


The FBI is arresting journalist that reported on J6

I smell politics with this one.

The election is coming up so they need to push the "threat to democracy" and "remember J6" meme hard.

The issue is that the FBI is being used to push a political agenda. That's bad business.  Also notice that after all the uproar with the whistle blowers that story was allowed to simply die. Not even the Republicans pushed it.

Our political elite are working hand in hand.  They give each side just enough to keep them fed and then quickly move on to the next issue to focus our attention while they do their real dirt in silence.

I just wonder what they're actually distracting us from.  Its gotta be something HUGE.  God knows they are working overtime to enrage both sides of the spectrum and we're all (including me) falling for it hook line and sinker.

Canadian Armor @ Task Force Latvia


Lithuanian MOD has completed the acquisition of Boxer-Vilkas infantry fighting vehicles


It's weird to me. The Boxer is hailed by many Europeans as the end all be all wheeled armored vehicle. I just don't see it. The Patria AMV seems much more capable, more versatile and at least if not more mobile in all conditions.

My opinion?  If wheeled in the European theater then go with the Patria or the VBCI.  If tracked then the CV90 is the way.

We once compared all these wheeled APC/IFVs to buses.  Now we need to compare them to big rigs.

I just don't get them.  In the field I just don't buy the mobility part of the thing and in the city the lack of skid steer makes them clumsy.

The desert is where they shine and even there they can run into trouble.

German Army @ Exercise Grand North 2024

Still no answer on why so many govts are fear mongering on the idea of Russia attacking 32 aligned Nato nations...


Why are those in power so ignorant of the reason for NATO? It wasn't to prevent an attack from Russia. NATO was formed to prevent an attack from the USSR (much different state than modern day Russia) AND the WARSAW PACT! The WARSAW PACT IS GONE! THE USSR IS GONE! Russia isn't going to attack the combined might of NATO. Full stop. So what's the real deal here? I have no idea and even those that are pushing the idea haven't been asked by anyone in the media to explain themselves.

People on "collapse" Redditt are predicting WW3. Now I get it. The IDF has been massing armor on the Lebanon border

Before I go much further I want to put out this reminder of why the IDF was ordered to attack the Gaza strip. Barbaric crimes were committed against the citizens of Israel. Many families were killed while huddled together. Women raped and savaged in ways that are disgusting to even those that are hardened to such things.

But back on task.

I have an issue with this.  Militarily Hamas is about finished and according to one IDF soldier they have only about 6 battalions left.

That's huge. The current crop of Hamas militants are all but thru. The job has been done.  The lawn has been mowed.

So why go after Hezbollah?  Let's be honest here.  Their participation in support of Hamas has been tepid at BEST!  They (at least from I've seen and I admit we have a limited view on the net) have talked alot but done alot less than they could have.

To conduct an invasion of Lebanon seems like following the orders of a madman.  I see no indication that the IDF is ready for such activity and I additionally believe that their warstocks will not support it.

The US is tapped, although I support the state of Israel I believe that to take such actions at this time will bring on unintended consequences that could doom the Jewish state UNLESS the US puts boots on the ground.

I can't get with that.

Many are gonna say about time but I'm modifying my position.  I support Israel but I think Bibi needs to go.

The IDF needs to finish off Hamas and deal with the remnants. Then the state needs to deal with Bibi, the IDF Chief, the Chief of Israeli Intel and claim the scalps of those that allowed this attack to happen when they were fully aware that it was coming (and I truly believe that they knew  and were WARNED that it was coming).

Russians are starting to fly old skool Close Air Support & Strike Missions...

This is a real bad omen for Ukraine. If the Russians have cracked the code and are able to fly old skool close air and strike missions then its gonna get beyond bad soon. I don't have know if the Russians have a reserve but if they do then the classic move would be to continue to press the Ukrainian lines and then have that reserve bust thru at a point of their liking and to have them plow straight thru to an objective, hold the line, refresh the force after they've been relieved and do it all over again. We could see tens of miles or more gobbled up in days instead of the hundreds of feet we're seeing now.