Sunday, March 31, 2024

Why can't we just take this guy out and put Haiti in order under the UN


Look at this joker strutting around. I don't even know if this is even worthy of a SOCOM mission (although they would fight hard for it). OK. If you want to capture him then toss a bone to the SEALs or Delta but if you just want him dead then send what's left of Marine Corps Snipers to do the deed. That too low on the pole for ya? Ok then send a platoon of Ranger Snipers after the dude. This shouldn't be that hard.

Christianity has been bastardized and its "leaders" corrupted. Jesus ain't weak and will lay that wood to that ass....

I'm talking about the black baptist church in the following rant. Legalized fraud. A legalized hustle. Little castles built in the middle of  poor communities that actually need to hear the word. But no. You'll hear about 10min of a jacked up view of the word (oh its an hour sermon but most of it is SOME GODDAMN GIBBERISH!!), 30min of singing by the choir. A few prayers by the "movers and shakers" that call themselves deacons. And a passing of the plate at least 6 times (I'm talking about 30 min time total for this exercise). 

I marvel. 

These fucking pimps in suits, driving Mercedes (talking about the car, not the female they fucked late Saturday night) are taking money from old ladies and men that are on fixed income barely scraping by. They're hurting. They get into a pinch and what is done by the church that they reach out to for help? 

"A moment of prayer for the so and so family. They're going thru hard times."  

Meanwhile I'm looking at this building we're in that is a fucking cathedral. Sound systems, viewing screens...ya'll know the deal.

Why did I say all that?

Because its Easter.  Because God is gonna lay some serious wood to the asses of these bastards that played with his word and led people astray.

I hope you understand what I'm saying and I don't mean to trigger anyone but....FUCK RELIGION, EMBRACE SPIRITUALITY!

I would say this is more than a little over the top for not properly spicing chicken...

Dude couldn't just grab some extra salt and pepper and do it himself? Alot of dudes practically live off fast food and this dude is pissed to an almost homicidal state when SHE ACTUALLY cooks? He wasn't grateful for that small blessing.

First proof positive of US Soldiers in Ukraine...


What unit is this dude from and why the fuck isn't he PT'ing more.

It's ok when they do it. It's a problem if we even thought about it.


Supporting HAMAS is the latest mental disease spreading across America.

Taurus cruise missile production stopped...

Interesting. There are tons of cruise missiles available in the world and the easiest way (if past is prologue) to get more missiles for Ukraine would be to go to S. Korea that has a very robust defense industry, and simply buy some from them for Ukraine's use. They're not doing that though. They keep pounding on Germany. Why? It has to be politics. What has me spinning is that Europe AND the United States are literally breaking themselves to fund/supply this war. The strategy didn't work. Seizing Russian funds will simply put the nail in the coffin of this jacked up worldwide financial system. God knows its already teetering as we speak. Sanctions have been overused and are now damn near irrelevant. Oil as a weapon only hurts the West. There are no more cards to play except to start building weapons. This is a move in the wrong direction. Powerhouse German production is dying a terrible death.

Open Comment Post. 31 Mar 24


Ukraine is sending women & damn near children to war....but they WON'T turn it off????

When this war is over Zelensky better find the deepest hole known to man if he wants to stay alive. It won't be Russian, US, or Western security/intel forces hunting his ass. He needs to worry about the Ukrainian people hunting him down. He knows it too.

The fucker told us everything the world needs to know when he refused to hold elections.

The West is supporting a strongman.  A dictator.  An evil bastard.

Happy Easter Gents

Saturday, March 30, 2024

In the grand scheme of things we, as individuals (to include those that think they are in power), are irrelevant...

Look at all the stars that our scientist can see. Look at the vast (I have no better word to describe it) distances involved. How can any person believe that in the grand scheme of things they are important? No matter how important we think we are, we're just a small dot...less than a the vastness of the universe. God help us if there is a multi-verse. That renders are significance to nothing. Nothing but talking dust.

When our cities look like this how can we give money to Ukraine and not take care of home first?


Zelensky says without US aid Ukraine will have to retreat. My question. WHERE ARE THE EUROPEANS????


I resent this being laid at the feet of the US.

The EU has a bigger GDP.

If you combine their defense industry they have a bigger military industrial base.

They have a bigger population.

They claim to be a super power.

So why are the Europeans AND Ukraine pushing us for more aid instead of the EU taking care of a problem on their own continent?

The Disastrous Battle at Nasiriyah

TRIGGER WARNING TO ALL! Interesting though. Very interesting.

Wow. The funeral/wake of that NYPD officer turned completely political. Check this out...

You cheered for this madness but tremble in fear and express outrage for Rafah?

Make it make sense. How can you applaud this madness. Check your meds.

TikTok'ers just discovered MD 20/20....

These people are so fucking screwed. IFYKYK. Expect misery on an epic scale once they drink this shit. This is pure rock gut. My God have mercy but I really don't expect it.

Open Comment Post. 30 Mar 24

Do ya'll remember me posting about the mess with P. Diddy? Well not only is Jay-Z rumored to be part of the drama but supposedly THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE US was at the parties too!

Oh this is getting big. Many rappers are gonna get caught up in this drama. But that isn't the juicy part. The juicy part is all the power brokers that are getting called into this thing. I've heard P. Diddy's Island called the Black Epstien! But the name that will ring bells is the Kamala is now part of the story. Either this thing gets crushed completely or a bunch of people are about to get taken out.


Is Biden so batshit crazy that he makes EASTER the Transgender day of visibility? Does the dude hate Christianity this fucking much? FUCKING AMAZING! I'm not even a bible thumper and I'm outraged. This is stupidity on steroids. Don't believe this tweet? Check out the full pronouncement here!

Interview goes sideways on extracted carbon


I have to wonder if the real deal behind the climate religion is to plunge the world back to the stone age. As part of that I have to wonder if the climate religion isn't setup to keep undeveloped countries POOR!!! It starts slow but check out the entire video. Don't know who this leader is but it is glorious the way he puts a pompus reporter on his ass.