Monday, June 03, 2024

What do ya'll think? NYPD arrest 12 year old female illegal immigrant for selling fruit


The law without compassion is a terrible thing. Lack of enforcement of the law is a terrible thing.

Something else though.

There is a thing called street level justice.  What that means is that LEOs have discretion on how they handle a particular call or take enforcement action.

The author of this tweet has no problem with this arrest.

I'm not so sure.  My one caveat is I wasn't there so I don't know, just operating off sketchy ass reporting on it and we know news is highly slanted to the particular position of the person breaking the story.

I wanna know what ya'll think about this arrest.  Was it good or bad?  Over the top or just right?  Does it fit with the enforcement narrative going on in NY city?

My main problem is that you have real deal gangsters roaming that city hurting people, not selling them fruit but robbing, raping, murdering and creating all kinds of  mayhem.

Seems weird to dedicate this much police resources to what I consider a minor thing, but fuck me, what is YOUR position on this.

UA crew opinion on M1A1 Abrams


UA crew opinion on M1A1 Abrams.
byu/morl0v inTankPorn
This was a political hit piece.

The same issues that the Abrams is having can be said for EVERY Western tank sent to Ukraine.

One thing though.  Is it possible that sending even our "outdated" MBT/Armor to Ukraine or any other client state that does not have proper infrastructure a failure?  Would old M60s with add on armor have been a better thing for them?  The interviewee did state that they use it more for infantry support AND mobile artillery than they do for tank vs tank roles.

Ukraine is a weird war within a corrupt country.  They ask for F-16s when it would seem that they would want to grab every A-10 possible so that they could support their frontline troops.

They want F-16s when they should want a real deal missile truck and the US Navy/Marines have early model F/A-18s sitting in the desert.

They comment on getting gear late but their requests are always damn near EMERGENCY requests.  They respond to Russian action instead of making the Russians respond to their new operating modes.

The Ukrainians are fighting this war stupidly.  I don't believe Zelensky even has support from his own population and his "acting" on the international stage has become old and stale (will someone tell this bastard to buy a damn suit!).  They're running out of soldiers.  NATO appears to be tapped out.  

I believe historians will say that they failed Ukrainian counteroffensive, that they were warned NOT to do, was the turning point of this war.

Open Comment Post. 3 Jun 24


The Navy needs to deal with its corrupt culture before it can get ready for the big fight....Retired Navy four-star admiral arrested in bribery scheme

 via Navy Times

A former Navy vice chief of naval operations faces up to 30 years in prison after he was arrested Friday along with two business executives on criminal charges involving a U.S. government contract bribery scheme while in uniform, according to the Justice Department.


Read the sorry details at the link.  The real issue?  At the highest levels of the US Navy we're seeing all kinds of corruption.  Not the usual run of the mill, you select company A while on active duty for a project/program and then you get a job there.

We're seeing the additional passing of money.

What kills me is that it isn't big bucks either.  We have senior naval officers selling out for what is actually peanuts.

Disgusting in the extreme. 

Want to know the really worrying thing?

How many people have our enemies and even friends purchased for little or nothing?

Some dude walk into a bank, produces a pistol and makes off with 25K dollars and we're in an uproar, the man hunt is started, the US Marshal's along with a local task force gets after the dude and he's run to ground.

Do the same in uniform with the cost being hundreds of thousands of dollars and our national security at stake and you get a knock on the door from accountants that carry guns (FBI), you escorted to an interview (or its conducted at your home) and the powers that be MIGHT downgrade your retirement rank.

We have this shit going on and we EXPECT to beat China?

We have this shit going on and we EXPECT the Navy to get their shipbuilding and maintenance together?

We're fucked and most don't even know it.

Sunday, June 02, 2024

Quiet rumors that the US Aircraft Carrier, USS Eisenhower, was hit by Houthis is going mainstream....

I follow alot of people on Twitter. Some of them from some pretty dark places (Lord Bebo is a Russia/Palestine supporter but USUALLY keeps it in or at least near the ballpark), and some of the "shadier" ones have been gloating that the Eisenhower was hit pretty damn hard and had to ditty bop out the area poste haste. I ignored the shit but with this going up I have to ask the question. Is it true? CENTCOM (you should follow them if you don't) has gone pretty fucking silent on everything except the goofy shit no one cares about. Someone in my audience knows the truth. Did the Eisenhower get hit or not?

Chinese war prep?


Chinese Military rhetoric on Taiwan is increasingly aggressive

Wow. The Chinese has adopted our tactic of using the military as a big part of their foreign policy. Its a bit disappointing. I admired that about them. They seemed to have had a firm wall between the military and diplomacy. Let's face it. Warriors make war. Diplomats make peace. Of course that's assuming you're not involved in total war or a war for the survival of the state. Long story short. The warrior diplomat was always a lie. To see China picking that path on the Taiwan issue means to me that they're gonna make a run at taking that island. The messaging is too intense now, the naval/air activity is too targeted and all indications point to some type of action MOST definitely by their leader's 2027 date.

Strawberry Burger

You might gag at the thought but it looks good to me.

Aerial Rammer

Aerial Ramming (2086x2854)
byu/taraerme inWarplanePorn
Ya know why I look back at some of the aircraft designs from the past? THEY WERE MAD LADS! They just had no fucks to give. They had an idea, tried to work the problem and come up with something viable. MANY MANY TIMES it just didn't work but they were trying and they were putting it out there. Grand props to those dudes.

Open Comment Post. 2 Jun 24

Trump to reduce troop contingent in Germany if he wins...

Should have happened long ago. The EU has declared themselves a super power. So we do we subsidize their defense? Makes no sense and this move is long over due. Let's be real but the EU could and should handle the issues in Ukraine solo. The only reason why they haven't and can't is because they haven't prioritized their own defense. We talk about spending limits? It should at least double with magazine depth added to the equation. Drawing down US stockpiles to help every so called ally worldwide that gets in trouble is irksome and just plain wrong.

Saturday, June 01, 2024

Risky move. Germany to supply Ukraine with Boxer APCs. What if it fails its combat debut?

This should be good. The Boxer has gained a reputation I'm not sure it deserves. Its claimed to be one of the best armored vehicles on the market today. We shall see. To no one's surprise the CV-90 has been a standout in Ukraine. To everyone's surprise the Bradley has been a superior performer too. Will the Boxer? I have my doubts but like I said...we shall see....

China just told us they're gonna blockade Taiwan & dare us to run it...

History repeats don't it. A reverse Cuban missile crises? Would we threaten nukes over Taiwan? Would the American people accept it? Have you noticed that our two political parties are damn near arm in arm on foreign policy matters (domestic too....they just attempt to hide it a bit with home stuff)? The American people are tired of this foreign adventure shit. The political elite revel in it. We're gonna get so fucked up trying to fight a naval war within a 100 miles of the Chinese mainland. How stupid are the elite? Apparently -- very!

Australian Army's 2CAV, 3CSSB and 3BDE landing at Lucinda as part of Exercise Brolga Run at Townsville Field Training Area

Piap Hunter UGV seen during recent training of Polish 21st Rifles Brigade


German Army Aviation doin work...


Late Open Comment Post. 1 Jun 24


Friday, May 31, 2024

We are ONE galvanizing issue away from this nation going pop...

 Been drinking in the Trump conviction.  From my chair it seems like a kangaroo court but who knows.  From my chair it seems like a DA that's been letting violent criminals out of jail on the regular but decides to do this is highly questionable.

The timing of this thing is jacked to hell.  This could have waited till the dude got out of office.  Quick question.  Did you know that EVERY president we've ever had in the modern era has engaged in criminal behavior?  At its most base form, warfare is illegal (we put "rules" on it but how do you lawyer yourself out of ordering people to kill?) but take that further.  We've done targeted killing and missed hitting families instead but no one has ever even been grand juried!

But to my main point.

Think back to the civil war.

Slavery was the cause, some say it was state's rights (slavery just a bit friendlier without the ramifications) and others say it was about economics (the bottom line on slavery...its about the money ya fuck!), but it took just one galvanizing issue.

One issue.  People had enough.  Society blew up and the nation started killing itself.

Look at the divide between the states today.  How far are we from one major league issue to having things go pop?

What should worry you is that we have more than one issue that has people inflamed.  No need in listing them but I mean seriously!  In another age people would have already been grabbing their mags and heading to hurt someone!

Someone that considers themselves a puppet master better figure out how to turn down the heat.

As things stand now the Chinese are the least of our problems.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Open Comment Post. 30 May 24


We don't talk about it much (at least openly) but Vets are a protected class too...

All of Mike Glover’s charges downgraded to misdemeanors…
byu/OkBad1594 intacticalgear
Vets, retirees, former whatever you want to call it are a protected class too.

Like I said in the title, we don't talk about it openly but at least from my chair we have some of our dudes doing some pretty heinous shit and walking away with some slaps on the wrists.

Is it right?  Not for me to say.  I just observe some of this shit and marvel.  Having said that the whole justice system (why do we call it that?) has me sitting back and marveling.

Forgive me on this one.  Just off on a tangent.