Wednesday, July 03, 2024

III Marine Expeditionary Force Welcomes Amphibious Combat Vehicles to Okinawa

 Press Release

AMP COURTNEY, Okinawa, Japan – III Marine Expeditionary Force received a shipment of Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACVs) at Naha Military Port on June 29, 2024. The ACV is an eight-wheeled armored personnel carrier, designed to fully upgrade the Marine Corps' fleet of Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAV).

“III Marine Expeditionary Force is a modern, ready force,” said US Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Roger B. Turner, III MEF commanding general. “Upgrading our fleet with amphibious combat vehicles capable of supporting sea denial and maritime operations will further bolster our ability to support deterrence efforts and respond to contingencies in the Indo-Pacific.”

Excuse the fuck outta me.

How is it expected that the ACV will support sea denial?

I called it and I was right.

We no longer have a Marine Corps.

We have a coastal defense unit cosplaying as the United States Marine Corps.

So if in actuality it IS a coastal defense unit then why the fuck do you need 3 divisions to do that?  Why do you need 3 air wings to do that.

It makes better sense to cut Marine Air, give them to the Navy.  Cut at LEAST two Marine divisions, let them be absorbed by the Army and get ready of a whole slew of shit.

Littoral Regiments don't justify all the overhead.  Their limited MISSION SET doesn't justify all the overhead.

The so called smartest kids in the room have even ME questioning the existence of the organization if we go down the path they've chosen.

Turtle Tanks, "Cope Cages" & Modified Vehicles in Ukraine - Purpose, Evolution & Effectiveness

A reader in the Pacific (not gonna name him cause it might shame him) put me on to this guy's videos and he's right. They're good and informative. If you aren't following him you should. I enjoyed the vid, not sure I agree with him but this fight is kinda off the "front page" of my mind. Its just a grind. A bloody grind but a grind none-the-less. It's WW1 with modern weapons. They're even using trenches and no man's land. The only thing of interest is if the US Army could actually maneuver in this type of hellscape (the USMC is out of the offensive action business and because of that soon to be out of business all together). Could they? If they were involved in that fight would they be using "cope cages" or "turtle tanks"?

XQ-67A: First Flight

First AH-1Z JAGM Launched in INDOPACOM During Expo Strike

Alpha Co. ACV’s Return to Harpers Ferry


About that Supreme Court decision...

 Late to the party on this one but I haven't seen anyone share this take on the SC's decision that presidents have full immunity while in office.

Did you notice the people that are outraged?  Did you notice the people that haven't said a word?


Every previous president has remained quiet.  Only Biden and the most extreme left wing congress critters have spoken out (don't even count the mouthpieces in the media).


Because they know what comes around goes around.

Bush Jr, Clinton and Obama would all be vulnerable to charges for actions taken in office.  An aggressive Republican DA from even a small county/parish could light them up the way the New York DA did to Trump.

Especially vulnerable are the guys that presided over our various wars, pushed their depts to push questionable "rules" and don't get me started on the executive orders they issued (which are BLATANTLY day that will have to be addressed).

Trump is trying to save himself but at the same time he saved everyone else that is still alive and held the office of president.

Open Comment Post. 3 July 24

Sorry guys. Been getting run hard so posting has been non-existent. Shit happens and alot of shit has been happening. Got a few off (as far as I know...we're running short) so I HOPE to get back on track.

Friday, June 28, 2024

15th MEU ACVs Conduct Egress Training, Mark First Overseas Landing


You might have missed some great comments but I've got circle back to put you on point. Don't know who Eric J is but his comments are a must read!

 I've been waiting for someone to flesh out exactly what they're seeking to do with Force Design 2030.  I've been wanting someone to explain how the SecDef that identified China as the pacing threat could be against Force Design 2030.  To explain how it makes sense for the ENTIRE USMC to subordinate itself to the US Navy instead of being ready to respond for forces by the Combatant Commanders (our current operating system as fucking flawed as it is).

Eric J, whoever the hell he is didn't fill in all the dots but I'll be damned if he didn't hit on at least a few of them.

I still disagree with Force Design 2030, but at least someone is trying to explain it.

Having said all that the comments were flowing but I had an automatic closing of comments after 5 days.  Bad mistake.  Here is the link to the original post.  Read the comments there and continue the debate here.  Oh and its now a 33 day comment period before things are closed.

Maritime Raid Force conduct helicopter rope suspension techniques training

ACV Operations Aboard USS Harpers Ferry at Okinawa, Japan


Watching Joe at his rally...he's so drugged its insane...

 This is one thing no one should be able to identify but due to the society we live in today most can.

I'm watching Joe at his campaign rally.

Dude is so pumped up full of drugs that its insane.  Meth is rampant in my area.  I recognize it cause I see it alot.

If he ain't on meth then he's on the pharmaceutical equivalent.

If you know anything about that type of drugs then you know that he'll be up zooming like a FLASH from the comic books for a couple of day, then he'll crash and be out like a light for days too.

The only thing missing is extreme weight loss but under a doctors care that can be monitored and proper calories administered to avoid that terrible side affect.

What I wonder, cause I've unfortunately seen it up close is how this is affecting his dementia.  I would think that its accelerating it.

Ya know what that means?

In my mind it means that IF re-elected he won't survive his next term.  His wife knows this.  His children know this.  His inner staff know this and so do a great many Americans.

Yep I'm hitting you with alot of posts on this, but it cause I simply can't believe what I'm seeing.  THIS IS EVIL!

Wallpaper of the day...Wasp transits Strait of Gibraltar


Open Comment Post. 28 Jun 24


I just watched Jill Biden at a Biden rally. SHE IS EVIL!!!!

 I've wondered why Joe Biden is still in office.  Wondered even more why a man that has diminished as much as he has is running for reelection.

Now I know.

Listening to Jill and its obvious that SHE has been President of the US for the past years.

She isn't letting Joe rest and enjoy his family because SHE loves power.  She loves the power of the presidency, even if its in puppet master form, more than she loves her husband.

I despise this President's policies but I feel so sorry for him.

He is being used by those that are supposed to love and in this stage of his life protect him.

I don't like him but may God bless him.  The dude is in a living hell.

Thursday, June 27, 2024

I feel so sorry for Joe Biden and fear for our country

 Did you watch the debate?  My takeaways...

1.  I've seen meth heads with the same look in their eyes as Biden.

2.  The lapses were terrible.  Biden is obviously sick.

3.  The users in the Dem party are finished with him and now they're gonna toss the guy after using him like a 10 cent back alley New Orleans hoe.

Why I feel sorry for him?

1.  His wife obviously hates him.  If she didn't she would make sure he left the stage and enjoyed the rest of his life playing with his grandchildren and being pampered by his children.

2.  He was drugged up to such an extent that I'm sure they're accelerating his disease.  His brain has to be inches from mush.

3.  Those that have used him have no shame and pushed policies on the American people.  We were ruled by bureaucrats and half of America cheered.  But they won't pay the price for the destruction they've brought.  Biden's legacy will.  He will go down as a horrible president and it probably isn't his fault....he was in decline during the LAST ELECTION.  They just didn't tell us.

This is why Biden didn't want an audience

Rheinmetall HX3 Common Tactical Truck

Famous ATV Concept


The battle of Belleau Wood. America wins its first major victory of WW1 with the help of a Marines....why doesn't HQMC talk about this action, an action where the USMC served as a "second land army"?

Why doesn't HQMC trumpet this battle?


It doesn't fit the narrative!


Even in the Marine Corps' infancy we didn't completely tie ourselves to the Navy. Why that's the new "hotness" is beyond me.