Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pompous - Arrogant - Self Censoring.

This whole crew is suspect.  To not even be able to ask questions????

And this Byron guy?????  Oh I would so love to meet that sorry bastard and the Navy Puke?  They can both kiss my ass.  They're the type of feminist, East and West Coast fairies that make me sick.

The so called discussion is here.

Oh and guess what!  The discussion about the why and how have taken place before...follow this link...
U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, told reporters Sunday that he didn't have all the details, but "from what I know right now, this is an unusual circumstance."

Pic of the Day. July 25, 2010.

Another Joe Stremph special...

A Former Commander of Canadian Air Force on the F-35.

A must can be found here.

Defense Spending is different.

The has an article on possible defense cuts that the UK is about to absorb.  Interesting but the difference is that in defense spending you can see the result and the spending reverberates throughout communities.

Cut a base and you hurt a local community.  Many civilians are employed by those bases and unemployment will result with the closure.

Cut planes, ships and tanks?  The logistics tail from those that work to maintain them...all the way back to those that produce them are endangered.

You don't see that type of synergy when it comes to social spending.

War on poverty?

Still not won and its been going on since the '60's.

War on drugs?


Social spending is a bottomless pit that results in improvements that are difficult, if not impossible to measure.

The UK will and the US to a lesser degree will cut defense spending.  The problem is that the increased domestic spending will not result in higher qualities of life.  Keeping people employed in hi-tech industries, producing gear that can be touched is a more sensible approach.

F-15SE ... a serious question....

The article on Strategy Page is an interesting read.

F-15SE Sneaking Up On the F-35

July 25, 2010: For over a year now, F-15 manufacturer Boeing has been offering a "stealthy" aircraft called the F-15SE (Silent Eagle). The target market is nations that want some stealth, but do not want to pay the high price of the F-35. The F-15SE is an F-15E with better electronics (radar and countermeasures) and an airframe tweaked to make the aircraft harder for radar to detect. A CWB (Conformal Weapons Bay) carried beneath the body of the aircraft contains two internal weapons bays. Each bay can carry two missiles or smart bombs. Each of the four hard points in the CWD can carry two smaller SDB (Small Diameter Bombs). While not as stealthy as the F-22, the F-15SE claims to be as stealthy as the F-35, which costs 40 percent more. Another option is to have existing F-15Es rebuilt to F-15SE standards, at less than half the cost of a new F-15SE. Boeing has demonstrated the stealthiness to serious customers, and the F-15SE does indeed make it much more difficult for radars to spot it. Some foreign F-15E users have expressed an interest, especially as the cost of the F-35 keeps going up, with no end in sight for the increases. .
I wondered what APA had been up to and now I know.  This article is straight out of the playbook.
First the F-35's price has been going down and the Air Force and Lockheed Martin have both stated that it will crush CBO's estimate.

Next, I can't find one customer for the F-15SE...a new build F-15 is over 100 million dollars...not exactly cheap. 

Canada has just signed on to buy 65, Israel is supposedly on the verge and Turkey has agreed to buy 120, not the 100 originally programed.

Sneaking up on the F-35?  Hardly, more like getting run out of the sky is the ticket.

Blast from the Past. XH-51A...the 270mph Helicopter.

Why are we still in Kosovo???

Sgt. 1st Class Cory R. Schall, of Devils Lake, N.D., is greeted by his daughter, Alyssa, upon his return to Fargo, N.D., after a one-year deployment to Kosovo. He was part of a NATO-led peacekeeping mission and served in Multi-National Battle Group East, which was commanded by Brig. Gen. Al Dohrmann, of Bismarck, N.D.  Photo by Senior Master Sgt. David Lipp
This from the Valley City Times-Online...

“It’s a great day in North Dakota when Soldiers return home from a successful mission,” Sprynczynatyk said. “As we prepare to celebrate their return to North Dakota, let’s remember all of the other North Dakota Soldiers and Airmen still serving in countries all across the world. Their ongoing efforts in defense of our nation will always be greatly appreciated.”
About 40 North Dakota Soldiers will remain in Kosovo in order to effectively coordinate mission handover to the succeeding unit, the Puerto Rican National Guard, which will lead KFOR 13. A ceremony to formally assume mission responsibility from the North Dakota National Guard is scheduled for July 24, in Kosovo. These remaining Soldiers are expected home by the end of the month.
Geez.  Everyone is in an uproar over Afghanistan but how long has this peacekeeping mission in Europe been going on???

Time to put a stop to these type missions.  Let other forces handle this type stuff.  We are over stretched and this does not help.