Saturday, January 15, 2011

Did David Axe just prove that stealth is dead?

Instead, the U.S. military’s main flying branch has turned to an older jet that, with upgrades, could prove to be an even better J-20-killer than the newer, more expensive F-22. That’s right: the Boeing F-15  Eagle, one of the stars of the 1991 Gulf War, is quickly shaping up as America’s main countermeasure to China’s new fighter for the next 20 years.
Read the whole thing if you haven't already...but my question is this.  Does this mean that stealth is already dead?

If AESA radars are that capable then give me a big motor, tons of gas, 14 conformal missiles, HMD and an AWACS with that same radar and lets ditch the cost of stealth!

I was watching stealth when I should have been paying attention to the electronics that are being developed for the next gen fighters.

This is awesome and a little annoying.

If stealth isn't the big boy on the block now then that means that old school fighter pilot rules are back in vogue (with the caveat that the fight will probably be all BVR...I mean heck...why allow an enemy to close if you can detect them, launch your missiles and break contact because of modern electronics).

I sure hope he does a follow up article.

SureFire Hi Capacity Magazines.

Amazing.  They started in flashlights and are now part of the firearm industry.

Maybe the IAR makes sense with these mags?

Even training is dangerous.

Rest in Peace...

via Fox News...

Marine Dies When Vehicle Sinks Off Calif. Coast

By Justin Fishel

A Marine was killed during a training mission at Camp Pendleton, Calif., after he along with five other Marines sank to the bottom of the Del Mar boat basin while inside an amphibious assault vehicle. Five of the Marines managed to escape unharmed.
Rescuers reached the trapped Marine at 2:15 p.m. Friday, about three hours after the vehicle sank. He was rushed to Scripps La Jolla Hospital, and pronounced dead a half hour later. The victim's name has been withheld until the notification of the next of kin.
The Marines said in a statement that an investigation is underway.
The Pentagon recently announced its plans to halt the production of the Exeditionary Fight Vehicle that was designed to replace the current fleet. These newer models are considered to come equipped with improved technology.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the project had already cost the Marines billions of dollars and was too far over budget to continue.
Calls of desperately needing a replacement for the 40 year old AAV, the fiasco that became the EFV and the need to get the next program going should be perfectly clear now.

Maersk Line Afloat Forward Staging Base (AFSB) --the brochure.

Lee sent me this brochure of the Maersk Line's concept for a low cost AFSB.  Thanks Lee!  Anyway, after glancing at this, I'm a believer.  If it can provide even half the capabilities shown in this concept then I'd be in favor of giving up an LHA-6, life extending the current big decks and putting one of these in each ocean!  Check it out here.