Monday, January 31, 2011

State Dept Evacuation. Epic Fail.

I wrote a post here on the possibility of the US Military conducting an NEO in Egypt.  I received this comment this morning and just have to respond.  Anonymous wrote:
Ok, if we do a NEO we will only put in a few very small security forces at a couple of airports - Cairo, Alex, Luxor - and we would contract a bunch of commerical airliners (or even cruise ships) to haul out all the US (and EU, Japanese, etc) tourists. We'd do that in cooperation and coordination with (especially)the EU. If we have to RESCUE those tourists as opposed to a NEO then it is a whole different ball game. Not at that point yet. Keep in mind that we already have quite a few US military folks there as part of the training/advisor mission... Such a NEO is most definitely NOT "mission impossible" - just a trifle difficult, expensive and a big operation - and, oh by the way, it is already underway.

He/She/It seems quite sure of themselves.  I had to check this out...from CNN...

...At least 220 Americans had been evacuated from Egypt as of Monday evening, according to the State Department. Another 175 were boarding a flight to Athens, Greece, Monday evening, according to the agency.The first plane out was a Cyprus-bound flight with 42 people aboard, the government said. It landed Monday afternoon.
Despite earlier reports that flights would be subject to Egypt's 3 p.m. curfew, the State Department said flights would depart around the clock. U.S. officials hoped to evacuate 900 people on Monday.
About 52,000 Americans are believed to be in Egypt. Of those, more than 2,400 have asked to be evacuated, Jacobs said. But she expected those numbers would rise as the unrest continues...
Sorry, but if this were a military operation, I'd be lambasting the Officer in Charge for non-performance.

Operations are underway and they have initially evacuated 220 people?

2400 people have asked to be evacuated and the number is almost certain to rise?

Not text book in my mind.

Also I'm sure that the writer is speaking about troops in the Peace Keeping force out in the desert.  Do you think that they can be easily retasked?  I don't know the unit and really its irrelevant.  The point remains that the US State Department much like USAID in Haiti is in over its head.

I've tried to remain open minded but it appears that the current Commander in Chief is attempting to usurp traditional military missions and give them to civilian agencies.