Wednesday, August 03, 2011

More RV than Fighting Vehicle?

Think Defense caught this, and I was shocked and amazed by it.  Suffice it to say that a toilet is the last thing I would expect to see on an APC/IFV....but the Boxer has it.


  1. Is that a shock-absorbing toilet seat?

    I suppose it does let troops do their business without stopping the vehicle.

  2. yeah but i thought it was bad sitting in the back with sweat, oil, hydraulic fluid and guys getting sea sick...add the smell of someone taking a dump to it and man! let me out!

  3. Tankers have been taking dumps inside their tanks since tanks were invented. That's just what you do when you're under fire.

  4. well aware.

    but you usually don't have this in IFV's and you know it. why are you confusing the two?

  5. Because it's the same thing really. When you're in an armored vehicle under fire and you have to go, you go. Whether it's an IFV, an MRAP, or a tank, you get used to it.

  6. The British Warrior IFV is supposed to have one too, something to do with the days when NBC protection was still important. Can take a field dump in an NBC environment without getting a rather scorched ass.

    The British have kettles in their vehicles too for cooking.

  7. you're smoking crack Forrest. for one thing, the infantry dismounts and operates as a manueveur force when its in an apc. the boxer is an apc. even the dismounts for Bradley's dismount and operate perferabbly before they make contact with the enemy but definitely if they are. these are support vehicles.

    the idea that this is normal is just pure insanity ---- it isn't. in most vehicles the number of dismounts is more important than adding a toilet. i guarantee they lost at least one man and probably two with that being put inside the vehicle.

    the Warrior does NOT have a toilet inside it. i know for a fact because i've seen one up close. besides its common knowledge that if you're operating in a real deal NBC environment then you're shitting inside your suit cause you're not coming out of it till the charcoal goes bad.

  8. i mean this seriously and not to sound demeaning but what about adult diapers, i know that sounds silly but it would allow a person to go while keeping the smell contained for a period of time, until you could clean yourself up.

  9. well i don't know what pilots do but for grunts it makes no sense. you dig a slit trench and take care of business and move on. if you're in a NBC environment then you're in the suit until you can get back to a decon area and you're switching out to new gear anyway.

    adult diapers? save that for crazy NASA astronauts and the elderly.

  10. The thought process of that went something like this:

    "How can we make a armoured fighting vehicle more awesome?"

    "What if you could control the gun while sitting on the crapper?"


    Seriously though I think they just took one of the regular seats and cut a hole it in so you could stick a chemical toilet under it for long patrols. I kinda doubt they "lost" a dismount for this, the guy could sit on this thing just like a normal seat.

    Guessing here but I think the part you sit on comes off and another normal seat hooks on when not "in use". All the cables next to the seat makes me think this is really for a commander or gunner and not a toilet only, unless you REALLY need to hook your headset up while having a dump.

  11. Joe, you read/seen generation kill? About Force Recon entering Iraq in 2003. Not sure exactly how much accuracy is there (written by a journalist embedded with them) but they apparently use adult diapers because you cant stop a convoy just so someone can take a dump.

    Sol, if they aren't going to bother removing suits when back in an APC, why do the vehicles bother to have NBC protection (scrubbers etc) built in? Actual question, I haven't been trained in this NBC crap. And according to a poster on TD, he's sat on a Warrior crapper, might have been deleted in certain versions I guess.

    The toilet seat picture definitely looks like it has strapping behind it for use as a normal seat, unless you need to strap in whilst taking a crap (i've had Ration Packs that might actually need this kind of toilet set up :S)i'd suggest a normal seat pad could be placed over the hole when not in use.

  12. as far as wearing adult diapers....nonsense....guess what. you're gonna make a stop just so you can change out drivers or to do a rest period so someone doesn't drive their vehicle into a ditch. adult diapers aren't necessary...downright silly. i never saw generation kill, now i know i don't want to see it.

    as far as NBC and dismounts in a vehicle are concerned it really doesn't make sense. if you infantry is fighting in a contaminated environment then the over pressure system is not going to decon you and you're not going to take off the suit.

  13. Solomon having been the Comd of a Warrior FV511 I can deffo say there is a toilet on board. Can't remember exactly but it's under the first seat on the right as you get in.


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