Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Turkish LCU. An old capability in a modern, more capable package.

The USMC pushed to develop a Mobile Landing Platform with the idea that it could perform the function of "dock at sea".  Quite honestly we have that covered with the INLS you see below.
What the Marine Corps actually need is a better ship to shore connector.  There were a few "super large" LCACs that were on the drawing board but they never came to be.
Which brings me back to the Turkish LCU...check out that load carrying capability!
Those are old M-60's but the load carrying is impressive!  The speed is more than adequate especially when considering how heavy it is...and two of these large LCUs assigned to each MPF squadron would double the speed at which we could push vehicles ashore.


  1. I get worried by big landing ships.
    Its too easy to lose.
    One of those gets hit, and that will happen, and you've lost a tank squadron, rather than a tank

    1. Anybody else yes. But the US will have gained overwhelming sea control and air superiority before second wave vessels like these start heading towards the beach. The US Army already operates 8 LSV and 32 other large landing craft.

  2. Sol, the US has LST's still in service, but embarrassingly, with the Army

    Am 100% sure you know about these but anyway, here you go


  3. Sol while the Turks may class that as an LCU, it is really an LCT type meaning larger landing ship capable of shore to shore movements. Goto BMT Defence to see their Caiman 200 LCT.

    The Army landing vessels are meant for sustainment and have to moved to theater. While Navy landing craft are onboard ships supposedly in enough numbers (not). The JHSV will be tied to MPF operations. And maybe sometime the Navy will get around to replacing their old LCUs but it appears they are only going to SLEP the 1600 class for now. POOR planning

    That big "transformer" T-Ship is a dumb idea HSV taken to extreme ends of performance with NO real means to work inside the theater and undoubtly very expensive.

    AND you are right the MPS and INLS RRDF make for good close in transfer docks. BUT the amphibs are NOT fitted to interoperate with those - dahh~ See the many RN LSD(A) and Mexeflote ops

  4. Mobile landing platform a much needed ship in present days , it acts a middle man between Big carriers and Bases which are not friendly for Big ships. Its acts as port in the absence of Naval Bases . ." These platforms will support the troops who are preparing for an attack or who have already made a successful attack.

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