Tuesday, December 15, 2015

More about the LA school closure. The Fed, State, Local partnership is breaking down.

By now you've heard that LA public school were shut down due to a terrorist threat.  The exact nature of the threat hasn't been disclosed (as far as I know) but we have heard something pretty stunning.

When the threat was received, the Public School Superintendent got input from Fed, State and Local Law Enforcement.  Supposedly they all provided their advice and the decision to close the schools was NOT unanimous.

That's telling and something no one is focusing on.

Which entity recommended that they NOT close the schools?  My guess (and its based off previously observed behaviors) would be that the Feds were pushing for the schools to stay open.

Think about it.  A credible threat and the Feds still recommended that the schools stay open.

Even if you ignore that part of it, then consider this.  LA is a democrat stronghold.  If they're to the point (and yes, this is speculation) that they ignore federal recommendations and err on the side of caution then what brought them to that point?

What's happened behind closed doors to spoil the relationship?

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