Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Russia tests a new artillery system...and we're already outranged!

Thanks to S300V4 for the link!

I got an email from a Marine that talked in depth about how the Corps is shedding combat power.  He touched on artillery in particular and spoke about the dependence on towed artillery, MLRS and how we've practically given up on self propelled guns...even at the Division level or in the Reserves (both places were used to "tuck away" needed units for use in "big" wars).  I really wish I had his permission to post his note...it was extremely compelling.

Having said all that, what do we see now?  The Russians are rolling out another toy that will bring pain on future battlefields.  The Armata impresses but it isn't scary.  The PAK-FA and SU-35 are monsters but they don't instill fear.

What worries is Russian artillery and the way they toss around Thermobaric rounds like candy.  And now they're trying to get even better.  Why do their guys seem smarter than ours?

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