Thursday, April 28, 2016

China successfully tests hypersonic (7,000 mph) missile...via War News Updates Blog.

Thanks to Ronald for the link!

IBTimes: China successfully tests 7,000 mph DF-2F hypersonic missile says Pentagon source
China has conducted a successful test flight of its hypersonic DF-2F missile, capable of speeds of up to 7,000 mph (11,000 kph) according to sources within the US Pentagon. If confirmed this would be the seventh successful flight of the DF-2F, and comes just days after Russia successfully flew its own hypersonic test missile.
The test missile was tracked by US satellites being launched from the Chinese site at Wuzhai and skipped along the top of the earth's atmosphere at several thousand miles per hour before reaching its target in the west of the country. The test took place on Friday (22 April) and follows other tests conducted in 2014 and 2015.
Do you hear that whimpering sound from the Pentagon?  That's the sound of the vaunted "Third Offset" dying before they actually started.

What has me somewhat confused is the weapon identified.  That sounds like the anti-ship ballistic missile which wouldn't be much of an advancement in my opinion (we could easily do the same...why the Army isn't is beyond me).  Then I dug a bit and found this...

The above illustration is from TTA Blog.

So are we looking at the anti-ship ballistic missile that we already heard about (and I presume are working to defend against) or is it actually a hypersonic glide missile that will terrorize warships at sea in the near future?

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