Thursday, April 28, 2016

What It's Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State/Vice Video...How were these guys able to rout the Iraq Army?

Thanks to Info-Infantry for the link!

In the caption that Vice leads off the video with they talk about ISIS fighters being in disarray.  They end it with them retreating.  I see fighters that are being fed into a meat grinder with questionable tactics, idiotic weaponry and leadership by fools.

How ISIS was able to rout the Iraqi Army?  As far as the fighting was was chaotic....but somewhat controlled chaos and considering the skill set of the people involved, their equipment (did you see those adhoc grenades they were lighting?) and improvised vehicles I wonder why our military leaders are telling us that this fight will continue for a generation.  Why do we need to pump up the Iraqi Army to fight amateurs.  Dedicated amateurs sure, but amateurs none-the-less.

The more I see the more I'm beginning to believe that there is alot more going on with this fight against ISIS.  They just aren't that formidable. 

A single Marine Expeditionary Unit could literally wipe the floor with these guys.  You put together a Marine Expeditionary Brigade and they'd be home for Christmas if they started in June (assuming they were only tasked with the destruction of nation building, humanitarian efforts, civil affairs programs etc..).

I'm convinced that the only reason why ISIS exists is because (much to my annoyance because the conspiracy theorists appear right) getting rid of Assad is still the number one priority.  Killing ISIS might not even be on leaderships radar.

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