Wednesday, June 22, 2016

More on the "gun enthusiast" stopped on the way to New York City.

A gun shop owner heading to New York City to rescue a heroin-addicted teen from a drug den was arrested with two companions at the Holland Tunnel after a police officer stopped his truck for a cracked windshield and found a cache of weapons and ammunition.
John Cramsey made it his mission to save addicts after his daughter, Alexandria, died of a heroin overdose in February, starting a group called Enough Is Enough.
The traffic stop occurred on the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel about 7:40 a.m. Tuesday, the Port Authority police say. It is not yet clear what charges Cramsey and the two others could face. His Enough Is Enough partner said on Facebook that Cramsey is in custody and charges are expected to be filed.
The other two people arrested have been identified as Dean Smith, 53, and Kimberly Arendt, 29, both also Pennsylvania residents.
Cramsey, 50, is the owner of Higher Ground Tactical in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.
A friend, Michael McKenna wrote on Facebook that Smith and Cramsey were still in Port Authority lockup in Union, New Jersey, and would be moved to Hudson County later Tuesday night. McKenna said Smith went on the trip as a photojournalist and denied reports that anyone in the truck was high, saying they are against drugs. It’s not clear if Arendt, who also goes by the name Kimberly Walker, remains in custody.
McKenna said formal charges have not yet been filed and an arraignment hasn’t happened. Lawyers for the group are being arranged, he said.
Make sure you follow the link and read what's what with this guy.  I called him an idiot early, but now I think that might have been too harsh.  Let's call him another misguided soul.

Heart in the right place, but brain not fully grasping the ramifications of his actions.

Plus he lost his little girl to drugs.

I wonder what made him take the turn that he did.  I don't know his background but combining a tactical training center/gun store with a personal crusade doesn't seem like a good idea.  Speaking of crusades, how did he not pop up on law enforcement's radar?  Additionally I have to ask, do you buy him conducting previous rescues?  I've seen some pretty shady motels and kicking in the door on a drug haven will get you shot in a heartbeat.  I just don't seem him engaging in that type of activity without being on a two way firing range.

I really want to know more about this guy and think I'll be following this closely.

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