Saturday, July 02, 2016

OK. So Neller is trying to hold the line by increasing PFT/CFT standards....

Ok, so I've been slamming Marine Corps leadership on the surrender on Women in Combat, the Transgender fiasco and the absolute capitulation on removing "Man" from tradition filled MOS titles.

I was right in doing so, but it appears that they're trying to maintain standards on the sly.  PFT/CFT standards are being increased.  I doubt if it'll hold but it will be harder for the SecNav, SecDef and future congress critters to argue against higher standards....until women start bitching that is.

Which is why I can't bring myself to cheer this move.  It won't work.  The same thing that happened with women in combat will happen to this increased standard.

It will be ignored, facts will be thrown out the window and the Haynie/Ripley/USNI Blog sycophants get their way again.

The Marine Corps had a good run.  I guess nothing lasts forever.

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