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The 1st Battle of the Diaoyu Islands...Major Johnson gets the fight he wants (Part 3)

Part 1 here, Part 2 here...just a work of fiction guys...don't pick it apart and just enjoy the ride....

On the island.

Major Johnson was confused, a bit pissed, mystified and mad as hell.  He barked at his Weapons Platoon Sgt and told him to get Lt McMurphy's skinny ass to his position asap, and wanted to know why he wasn't hearing heavy machineguns singing and anti-tank missiles flying when he ordered weapons free two minutes ago.  The response sent a chill down his spine.  GySgt Davis told him that Lt McMurphy died doing a leaders recon and got caught in the open by a Chinese Sniper and that he had lost four Marines....two were blinded by laser/dazzlers while they were tracking the Chinese AAVs and the other two were microfragmented when they got hit by what he thought must have been mortar fire...big ass mortar fire.  As if things couldn't get worse, he could now feel the vibration thru the ground.  That Chinese armor closed the gap faster than he thought.  All those stories from those old school Chosen Marines were being repeated.  He swallowed hard and realized that this is the fight he wanted but he wasn't prepared.  He was too confident.  Too sure in his ability.  Too convinced of his invulnerability.  Why didn't he fight this Company Landing Team concept?  Everyone that studied military history for more than a minute knew this unit was too light to win.  Why didn't he man up instead of go along with the program?

That wasn't the worse part.  He gazed over the terrain and saw his Marines fighting for their lives but knew that it was just a matter of time before they were all killed.  He thought about his wife and wondered if she'd be ok.  He thought about his son and hoped that he would be alright...that he'd have a good life.  Then he prayed.  God.  Just give me one more day.  Give us all one more day.  We can take the pain, but please give us one more sunrise.

Chinese Assault Force landing troops....

Capt Chang had received updates on the American Marine position from both his forward scouts and from ultra high flying UAVs.  They were marked.  They were indexed.  They would soon experience hell on earth.  His ZBD-05 had popped smoke 2 miles offshore and naval gunfire produced a screen that would extend all the way to his forces going feet dry.  Any second now the arrogant American dogs would feel the true power of the Red Dragon's Marines. They would wither under a relentless hail of naval gunfire and UAVs carrying clusterbombs underneath their wings ready to add to the pain.

The plan was perfect.  The only real problem is that his men would not get a chance to test themselves.

The Japanese Recover...

Japanese Air Self Defense Force Colonel Kazani Suzuki had blood pouring out of his eyes.  The Chinese have the unmitigated gall to lob missiles at his airbase?  They foolishly thought that they could knock his forces out of this fight before it began?  Ha!  Lessons would be taught this day and the student would not like the instruction!  He launched his entire 6th Wing in support of the American Marines.  Supposedly the Marines were there to protect the Japanese.  Today, the Japanese would protect the Marines...

Divine Wind Flight...

Capt Yoshijiro Umezu was leading his flight of F-15's with a mixed load of air to air and air to ground missiles out to the US Marines position at max military speed.  He could feel the airplane vibrating around him, but today he didn't care.  Today is the only day that mattered.  If the planes were stressed beyond repair then they would have to be rebuilt.  If the engines were ran too hot then they would have to be replaced.  But he would get there.  He was needed and he would not fail.  He pushed the throttle to the firewall and pushed a bit harder.  He could see the formation keep pace.  They were just a few knots from going super sonic with a full weapons load...that buy of advanced GE engines is paying off today.  They're gonna bloom but they're going in low and fast and will kill the Chinese armor and send the Chinese Marines to a well deserved hell.

This is the fight that everyone that was paying attention knew was coming.  The difference for him?  He prayed for it.  His grandfather was right.  Duty is heavy as a mountain, death as light as a feather.

4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne)

Colonel Green looked at the phone for a minute before moving.  He was still processing the information.  A Company of Marines were in the fight of their life, US Navy ships had been sunk and now he was ordered to get his entire Brigade Combat Team ready to go in 12 hours.  Every swinging dick and ovary was to be aboard C-17's ready for a combat drop in 12 freaking hours!  They weren't scheduled to be the Ready Brigade for another 3 months now they want him to pull a miracle out of his ass.  Worse, at least a 1/4 of his soldiers were on leave.  No way he could get them back in time.  This is a freaking nightmare.  He talked to his Senior Enlisted and thought the guy was either gonna punch him, spit in his face or turn in his retirement papers!  CSM Duenas can be volatile but he could pull this shit together and he needed his help on this one.  Once word got out everyone would be trying to bang the wife or girlfriend on a quicky  or in today's Army their boyfriend before reporting in.  12 hours.  It must be alot worse than we've been told.

USS Gerald Ford Aircraft Carrier (San Diego)

Hey skipper, we got a flash definitely want to see this one.  While Capt Pennigton was reading the message on his tablet, he was told that the CNO was on the horn for him.  Skimming the message he knew what was coming.  He was told that he was about to make "modern" history.  Carrier Air Wing 8 would be joined by Carrier Air Wing 5.  For the first time in recent memory a US aircraft carrier would sail with its full complement of aircraft...almost 100 airplanes on over an acre of sovereign American territory...this was going to be a real example of naval air power at sea, not the half assed bullshit that had been done for the past decade and a half.  Once they were on board later this afternoon he was to move out at flank speed .... real flank speed, leave the escorts behind if they couldn't (and they wouldn't) keep up.  That means that he would be pushing the Ford at close to 55 knots over to Japan.  When he raised the question about enemy subs, he was told that escorts would be patrolling ahead.  They would have P-8's and every anti-sub capable ship in the region protecting his route and pinging the waters.  They'd clear the way, he just had to get there and get there fast.

Combat Assault Battalion (Okinawa) & 2nd Battalion 7th Marines

The Marines from both Battalions were in the base auditorium receiving a joint briefing on the situation facing the Company Landing Team.  Things were bleak.  The latest video from a high flying UAV showed the Chinese approaching Marine positions and firing everything in their arsenal (or so it seemed) at them.  The Japanese Self Defense Air Force was sending a flight of fighters to support them and it was hoped that if they could hold out then maybe the situation could be saved.

They also learned that the US Army was sending an Airborne Brigade Combat Team with orders to drop on the Marines position, fortify their positions, take command of the situation and hold until relieved.

The groans in the auditorium was hard to ignore.  Help from the Japanese is acceptable.  SOCOM riding in to do their thing?  Yeah we can live with that.  But the airborne bubbas?  Geez.  This is a real bad day! It was said in jest of course.  Everyone could sense what was coming and gallows humor helps take the edge off.

It was this moment that the Regimental Operations Officer took the stand and laid out the bad news.  Those JHSVs that everyone would have to figure out how we would use them would have a combat role after all.  They were gonna load up onto them, sortie out and do an in-stream launch with the idea of doing an amphibious assault to relieve our Marines before the Army could get there.  One crusty looking First Sgt that had the look of being dragged there after a serious bender stood up and asked where the cover was for this little stroll over to Diaoyu.  The answer was surprising.  S. Korea as expected was gonna sit this out but our Air Force Wing stationed there wouldn't.  As our brief was going they were already en-route to Japanese bases to refuel and provide cover on the run into the launch point.  Additionally AH-1Z and UH-1Y would be on deck to launch as soon as they got within range to bring fire on the Chinese and support our beleaguered Marines with the added benefit of carrying their air to air package in case Chinese fighters or UAVs decided to poke their noses into the festivities.

MARSOC & Special Forces Group gets pushed to tomorrow.  Hint.  Their raid from hell is a deep penetration strike to take out a command node and gather intel.  3rd MARDIV (Reinf) mobilizes and our nuclear subs finally get to play.  This is Part we speak I'm working on Part 3.2....I needed to get all the players on the board so that's why I'm trying to shape the read.  Note that the S. Koreans, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and India are sitting this one out.  This is done on purpose and not an indication that I think they're bad allies, just that they're being pragmatic and don't see this as their fight.

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