Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Let the fun begin!!! FBI Warns of 'Imminent Threat' Against Los Angeles Metro Rail Station

This information was relayed to the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force via International Partners?

Just awesome.  2017 is gonna be just as crazy as 2016.  Let the fun begin!  The growth industry of the future?  Private Security!  I'm not talking about for the average mall security guard but more like the Israeli example of having damn near military standards for corporate security and from an American perspective a blending of the two to a point where differences are unrecognizable.

I'm generally in Trump's camp but this issue gives me pause.  He touted himself as being the law and order candidate.  If a terrorist attack or two is successful in his first year then we could easily see an overreaction that will make the Bush years look like grade school stuff.

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