Sunday, February 19, 2017

Open Comment Post. Feb 19, 2017...a little housekeeping...

A little housekeeping gents...

1.  I setup these "open comment posts" so that the other blog topics can stay on target.  Don't cloud them up by posting the odd thing on them.  Keep the common areas clean!

2.  I'm seeing a slightly disturbing trend.  Commenters come from all over the world here and I'm damn proud of that fact.  English is often a second language so the grammar Nazi BS and demanding exactitude when its quite clear what they're trying to say is starting to grate.  If you don't understand what's being said in a comment then ask for clarification.  If you're being an ass then stop.

3.  News for the blog.  I'm communicating with the White House to try and become credentialed!  The military blog rumor mill says that the current Admin is extremely interested to reaching out beyond the traditional MSM.  I'm geeked.  That will open up doors you can't imagine.

Nothing Follows.  So what's on your mind?

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