Saturday, May 20, 2017

10,000 crunches in 30 days! How many of you got the fortitude to take up the challenge?

Original PDF here.

Ok you beasts.  Summertime is coming and I know you've done your "curls for the girls", did your leg work to keep your gym bros from talking shit and nailed down that diet so you look right.

But core strength is essential.

So how many of you are gonna do this little bitty, wimpy, weak ass challenge I found?

No excuses.  Don't care how old you are, how long its been since you've worked out (if you haven't), or if you feel harried in your normal life.  We (you and I) need to do this!

So check in, let me know who's in and we start on the first of June...of course you can start warming up now but we start check in's on 1st in the Open Comment Post every now and then to see who's still with the program.

One last thing.  You're on the honor system.  You fall out or don't do the full number required then you're out.  No prizes, no harassment, just the knowledge that you let yourself down.

So who's with me on this little bitty, wimpy, weak ass challenge that some soccer mom with six kids came up with?

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