Saturday, May 20, 2017

Review ACV 1.1 Amphibious Combat Vehicle BAE Systems and IVECO for U.S. Marine Corps

Thanks to Tasso for the link!


What the fuck Defense Web!  You usually send me notes when you put up new stuff!


Is it my imagination or have they streamlined the vehicle drastically from when we first saw it?  If I remember correctly they had some type of something between the wheels and now it's gone.


I probably haven't pushed that H-Drive concept hard enough as a survivability feature of the BAE/IVECO offering.  I wonder how SAIC/ST Kinetics will counter that advantage?


We can't lose.  Both look like solid vehicles.  I wonder if one or the other is deemed as being marginally better, will it then come down to a price shootout?  I wonder who is more desperate for the win...IVECO or ST Kinetics?

Sidenote: That little complaint that CoffeeJoeJava had about this program keeps creeping up in the back of my mind.  If these vehicles aren't substantially better than the AAV-SU then why buy them?  Are they?  I don't believe anyone has asked the PEO-Land that burning question.  What are we getting with the ACV program that we won't get with the AAV-SU!

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