Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Politics Talk. What is the endgame? Has it even been considered....

Watching the continuing drama of the Comey e-mail on Morning Joe and I wonder.

Have those that are plotting the demise of the Trump administration developed an "endgame" plan?  Has it even been considered?

I'm not the lone voice in the wilderness (among conservatives) that sees this as a coordinated information warfare attack on Trump.  I'm not the only one that sees the media, deep state, intel agencies (certain operatives within), Neo-Cons, and establishment Republicans/Democrats all piling on.

But if these people consider Trump a terrible person and worse president...if they believe that the Russians "influenced" our election then what do they believe people on my side of the fence will view things if they're successful?

Having Pence take over will not be a cooling factor.  Seeing the establishment Republicans continue their policies will not be something that conservatives will cheer.  Many conservatives will view this as the media, deep state, intel agencies, Neo-Cons, and establishment Republicans/Democrats stealing an election and destroying a guy that promised to put policies in place that would finally hep the middle class!

Politics in America has evolved rapidly after Bush Jr/Obama.

The left and the right both supported insurgent candidates over establishment types.  Clinton and the DNC cheated Bernie out of his victory, and the establishment Republicans tried to do the same to Trump but failed.

If the plotters think that a return to the "status quo" will cool things then they're wrong.  It might make Europeans happy.  The left of course will be thrilled but you will see something evil brewing with many on the right (especially the far right).

These people better have a plan.  They better think about the endgame.  Someone somewhere better be thinking of a way to cool emotions and stitch things back together.  If they don't then we could be looking at "bad behavior"...

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