Saturday, May 20, 2017

The US Army is ramping up its it's targeting individual units for highlights!


Are you seeing that?  The US Army is cooking with gas.  100% fucking octane! I don't know who's running their social media effort but it's killing the other services to include the Marine Corps.

Small rant.

What do you see on most USMC social media sites?  Messages back home, the local dependent announcements, and road closures.

What is the US Army doing?

What the USMC once did!

But they're doing it in a distinctly Army way.  Once the Marine Corps highlighted the Marine Corps.  It might be 2/7, 3/11 or 1st Tanks or the Wing but it didn't matter.  It was the Marine Corps.

So how is the Army doing the Marine Corps thing in an Army way?  The Army is recognized by its individual units more than it is as a whole.  A Marine identifies with the Corps, a soldier identifies with his unit.

Which brings us back to the 82nd "dropping in" on social media.  If I'm right then we'll see 3rd ID, 101st, 10th Mountain etc...over the next few months.

Meanwhile we're trying to push recruitment of females while they're promoting the idea of them (the Army) being warriors...race, gender, nationality being irrelevant.

The Marine Corps once had the secret sauce to messaging. Now the Army is drinking our milkshake.

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