Saturday, September 09, 2017

This is why you prep...

If anyone has any questions on why you should prep I recommend you read some of the recent articles from Law Enforcement readers of this page and their experiences either in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey (T is doing God's work there) and JD Strike getting ready to do work and make things happen in Georgia.

Long short (but I still feel a need to shout this from the rooftops).

You can't get ready.

You must be ready!

Stacking your shit deep in case an emergency happens isn't hoarding, being a survivalist nut case or a doom day zealot.

It's about assuring that you and your family have a plan of action to safeguard your own lives and the valuables/keepsakes that you cherish.

What's next on the list to buy?

No, not more guns or ammo.  Not even more food.  Increase emergency cash? Yeah but that can happen at a normal pace.  I have set aside a reasonable fund to cover those expenses.

What comes next will be a cargo trailer.

One thing is certain.

By the time the authorities alert the public to a potential emergency then you'll see a run on the stores that will see you caught up in a flood of humanity that is drawn to drama like flies (someplace you should never want to be in) or caught in traffic or forced to put your family in a refugee center (they had one for Harvey setup not far from me and again the stories are terrible...don't know if its real or fake).

A good, flexible (in my mind) cargo trailer that you can make provisions to store water and fuel and additional items from the home makes sense.  Especially when its becoming painfully obvious that traveling approx three to four hundred miles from the coast to escape destruction is the new benchmark.

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