Sunday, January 21, 2018

David A. Christian...How come the US Army doesn't brag about this 100% pure dee stud?

via Badassery Instagram Page.

badasseryFor the ones that are on the edge of screaming out uniform regs and/or stolen valor like dipshits, take a breath and gander on what a true Hardfuck looks like
The man here is David A. Christian, who enlisted in the US Army in 1966 at the age of 17. After being rapidly promoted through the enlisted ranks to Sergeant, he was admitted to Officer Candidate School (OCS) and commissioned at 18 years old (making him one of the youngest officers) and making Christian the youngest commissioned officer of the 20 and 21st centuries. He then completed Airborne School and U.S. Army Special Forces training
He was sent to Vietnam in 1968 serving with the 1st Infantry Division - 75th Rangers (LRRP), earning a Distinguished Service Cross when he single handedly repelled a major NVA assault against his 9 men team behind enemy lines, taking out bunkers, calling danger close fire missions, rescuing wounded soldiers and killing scores of communists with grenades, rifle and anti tank fire; all while being severely wounded himself. Adding all of it on top of his 2 Silver Stars, 7 Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Stars and much more. To top it off, he was promoted to Captain at age 20. He was medically retired from the Army at age 21. Go ahead and let it sink in
In short, Hardfuck approved

Jesus.  Dude was hard as woodpecker lips coming out his momma's womb.  You think you're hard?  Some of these old skool guys make Captain America look like pure pussy!

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