Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How does your 9mm Ammo perform in a ballistic gel test?

Caution with these tests bros.  Everyone likes to crunch the numbers and do comparisons but just like all those bubbas that swear by .40 cal and can't hit shit with it, the sad truth is shot placement is the crown jewels of putting down a bad guy.

Don't matter if he's six feet eight inches and muscled up beyond belief or five feet two and a buck forty soaking wet but has superman strength cause he's been doing meth for the past 12 hours, it all comes down to shot placement.

Remember the mantra.

Six in the chest and the rest in the pelvic girdle.  Why?  Because for the average person, aiming center mass (chest) will usually deliver results and if it don't then pelvic girdle shots will render him incapable of doing further harm (assuming your load is ineffective in stopping him...remember Miami Shootout!).

Why no head shots?

Watch people on the streets.  The head is animated, it moves around especially for the mentally deranged, or drugged up.

6 in the chest the rest in the dick.

Check out the test here to see how your ammo performed.

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