Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Local Cops in California not responding to calls of assistance from Border Patrol?

via The Daily Caller.
In one example, the El Cajon Police Department refused to help Border Patrol agents pursue three suspects who were fleeing in a vehicle, despite multiple requests form Border Patrol dispatch.

“After the event, it was determined that the officer declined the request to assist presuming it was an immigration matter, as opposed to a fleeing subject whose identity/immigration status was not known at the time of the incident,” Scott wrote. “This declination for assistance occurred even though it involved a vehicle that failed to yield, endangering federal law enforcement and the public while traveling on a California Interstate and highway within their jurisdiction.”

Other California sanctuary laws have impacted the Border Patrol’s ability to locate illegal aliens, Scott says. One is Assembly Bill 450, a law enacted in October that, among other provisions, prevents businesses from granting border agents access to “nonpublic” areas of their property unless the agent has a judicial warrant.
Story here. 

This is crazy.

I didn't think much of the new California law because I considered it business as usual but this could get nasty.

Even worse.

It could get people killed.

From my seat car chases in California seem like they're batshit crazy and any chance to end them as soon as possible would be in everyone's best interest. The idea that Border Patrol will pursue vehicles with boatloads of people inside and not get assistance is beyond my understanding.

They need to sort this out.

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