Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A short tweet of a "been there, done that" from the Commander Joint Forces Command UK!!

Hat Tip To Think Defence Twitter Page!

via Gen Chris Deverell @ ComdJFC_UK
I once drove off a military bridge in a Challenger tank. Ended upside down in the Schwinderbeck river.  Miraculously we all lived.  I blamed the bridge rather than my tank commanding skills.  Hence lack of bridges in my twitter...



I absolutely love this.  Heads up to USMC Combat Camera!  Get the "stars" to give their own "been there done that"!  

If not for the troops or the public then how about for me?  I'm falling into the trap of seeing high ranking as never having really been Marines.

I know it's nonsense but it WOULD BE NICE for them to send out those reminders. 

No tell all's necessary but this kinda "oh shit moment" from a leader talking about his past is refreshing.

Well done General Deverell!  Let's hope they follow your example on this side of the pond!

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