Sunday, March 03, 2019

China's new 8x8 sporting new turrets...via @RickJoe_PLART Twitter Page...

This was posted back in Jan by Rick Joe but I missed it.  Those turrets look good.  The one mounting one I assume to be a 30mm is kinda old skool though.  everything is under armor these days even the ammo feed so that's a throwback but I'm sure they've studied the industry and gone with what they feel is best.

One thing I've noticed about Chinese 8x8's and other armor.  They're low slung.  I don't think much consideration has been paid to the threat of IEDs.

We've seen a few of their MRAP type vehicles in action and I haven't been impressed.  I'd love to see some of their main line vehicles in foreign hands get combat workouts to see how they perform.

Time will tell...

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