Sunday, March 03, 2019

General Dynamics UK -- AJAX Infantry Fighting Vehicle..

It is REALLY hard not to be a bit excited for the Brits.  They've picked what appears to be a fine vehicle going forward.  The problem comes in the mix that they're choosing and in trying to figure out exactly what role they see them playing.

Having said that it still looks good.  Real good.

The problem that every nation will face?  Looking at your brand new shiny piece of kit and then glancing over at your allies and wondering "did we make the correct buy"?

Why do I say that?

Cause I'm looking at the Aussies and the vehicles that Rheinmetall is cracking out.  Maybe its all glitter and social media but those boys are JAMMING right now (jamming is an old term used to describe someone that is doing work the right way).  They're almost to the same level of BAE in the 90's.  That amphibious vehicle was a shot out of the blue and the Lynx is the heavyweight IFV no one knew they could build.

The stuff rolling out these days is awesome.  Everywhere I look I'm seeing intriguing vehicles.  The Israeli Namer and Eitan.  The VCBI 2 and Jaguar.  The AJAX and Boxer.  The Lynx and Protected Amphibious Assault Vehicle.  The Singapore NGCV and Terrex 3.  The BAE ACV and AMPV.

We are in a wonder time of armored vehicle development.

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