Saturday, August 31, 2019

Block V Virginia Class Subs are gonna be BEASTS...

via USNI News.
The Block V submarines will include some significant upgrades and changes when compared to the Virginia-class submarines already built, according to a Congressional Research Service report released in June. Nine of the ten Block V boats will be built with the Virginia Payload Module, which includes lengthening the hull by 84 feet to accommodate four payload tubes in the center of the sub. These tubes are designed to fire Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles. The subs with VPM will likely field 40 Tomahawks. Block V submarines also incorporate changes for acoustic superiority, making them stealthier.
Story here. 

I see said the blind man....and I do too.

The US Navy IS WORKING the China problem.  There is no other rationale for this boat or that VPM except China.

There exists no other threat that would warrant that expense.

I don't know the war plan but these subs will be a big part of clearing the way for other forces (less than half one boats payload should be able to totally destroy ever installation on one of those artificial hindsight they're an engineering feat but a silly idea).

This is just a guess on my part but if its even partially right its thrilling. The threat is identified, they're working to defeat it and hopefully deterrence will win out instead of my often predicted big fight.

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